Saturday 25 July 2020

Bring Your Instagram Feed Back to Life

I'm sure that over the past 4 months, many of us have spent a considerable amount of time scrolling, refreshing, scrolling, refreshing. Following the same 100s of Instagram accounts and viewing the same 1000s of posts and stories can certainly start to get boring. It's so easy to build an engaging and dynamic feed by making considered choices when choosing who to follow, and yet often we still find ourselves scrolling through a long, lifeless, repetitive feed. 

So if you made your Instagram account back in 2012, and simply have not unfollowed a single account since, have a cleanse and get rid of those 50, 100, 200 accounts that you have no interest in following. I'm not saying unfollow all your friends and mutuals, meme accounts and celebrities - if you enjoy humour on your feed or like to keep up with what your favourite celebrities are doing, then that is justification enough. I'm talking inactive or spam accounts, fan accounts from when you were obsessed with Twilight/One Direction/Harry Potter back in the day, people you have had one conversation with 5 years ago but just continue to follow out of politeness. Simply, unfollow accounts that do not add any value to your life or your feed. Instagram algorithms mean that we do not actually view every account's content anyway, so what is the use in filling your feed with meaningless posts? 

In finding new pages to revive your feed, think about what you are interested in and follow accounts/pages that fuel your interest, whether that's makeup artistry, history, or cooking. Following things that are relevant to your hobbies and interests, your career, or your goals, for example, are all going to improve your Instagram experience.

It's crazy how much we can just scroll and scroll without actually thinking about the content we are viewing, let alone whether or not we actually like what we see. As it has developed, Instagram has become so much more of an art form and creative outlet - everybody is different, but I'm sure others will agree that it's about so much more than just seeing your friends' photos. On my feed, I want to see bold colour and cool graphics, career tips, news and politics, delicious food, I want to follow blogs and join communities - I want to be interested every time I load the app.

Putting the time and effort into freshening up your Instagram feed my seem like a bit of a chore, but it is absolutely worth it! So to finish off, these are my top 10 of recently followed accounts within the last 4 months. (Oh, and maybe follow mine whilst you're at it... @rosiecossins)

Politics, current affairs & updates
  • @shityoushouldcareabout
  • @soyouwanttotalkabout
  • @simplepolitics

Uni, careers & comunities
  • @unigirlsnetwork
  • @galswhograduate
  • @girlsinmarketing
  • @thefemalehustlers

  • @webottomlessbrunch
  • @beautifuldestinations
  • @beautifulcuisines

What are your current favourite Instagram accounts? ♥️

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