Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas Film Picks - My Top 3

Hey guys!

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're like me and just waiting for the day to come, then maybe you'd like to know some good Christmas films to fill those painfully long hours. Here are my top 3:

My favourite ever Christmas film HAS to be 'The Polar Express', all about a boy who doesn't really believe in Christmas, but when a mysterious train stops outside his porch, everything changes. He gives into it's lure and runs frantically after it, where together with his new friends, he is met by a land of magic and hot chocolate  and presents. I watch this every Christmas Eve with my little sister; it's such a heart-warming, festive film that really gets you in the mood.
My second must-see is 'Home Alone', a hilarious film about a boy that is accidentally left at home whilst the rest of his family go on holiday over Christmas. He must defend his home from a pair of dim-witted robbers who plan to steal his family's belongings by setting all sorts of booby-traps like slippery ice and tar, white-hot door handles, sharp baubles and lots more. I suggest you watch this film if you haven't already, it's so good!

Last but not least is 'Nativity', which if you haven't seen, where have you been? When primary school teacher Paul Maddens tells an old friend (now a rival) that his ex girlfriend Jennifer in Hollywood and team is coming to see the Christmas production he is putting on at school to make a film and a book, things get out of hand. He was lying to impress, but after Mr Poppy overhears the conversation, the word spreads like fire and now the entire school are convinced. Paul must either face the difficult challenge of persuading Jennifer to come, or face humiliation and serious consequences...

Those are my top three favourite Christmas films, but recently I saw 'Get Santa' at the cinema which I really enjoyed, and I also would really love to see 'Elf'. If you would like, comment down below anymore Christmas films you think I should watch.

Merry Christmas!

Rosie x

Saturday 20 December 2014

A load of LUSH

Hi :)

I'm sure all of you have heard of Lush, and maybe some have you have had products from there, but today I want to show you some of my Lush products - I don't have many - as it's always lovely to have a good winter-warmer soak. This isn't a haul as I've had some of these products a while (I'm such a Lush hoarder it's terrible) but are still perfectly usable and smell fine.
I keep my bag of Lush products in my wardrobe, which makes my clothes smell good, and they don't get damaged by the sun or ruined in the bathroom! I have just opened my wardrobe door to take out the bag and all I can smell is Love Heart sweets and candy floss...

When I open my bag, the first thing I take out is half a Creamy Candy bubble bar. The bubble bars are for crumbling under warm running water in the bath to create mounds of fragranced bubbles, depending on how much you use. You can, however, get multiple uses out of bubble bars as a little bit goes a long way. I'd say that there are roughly 2-3 uses in Creamy Candy.
It's very sweet in both aesthetics and scent: a ballet pink wedge topped with a daisy that smells like candy floss and vanilla. The bubble bars are also very moisturising and leave your skin smooth and soft.

Next, I have pulled out the Blooming Beautiful box which comes with two items - Think Pink and Pop In The Bath - of which I have used Think Pink. Think Pink is a spherical, pink (naturally) bath ballistic decorated with flowers, and when it fizzes into the water, lots of little pink hearts are released into the water and the bath water turns the exact same shade. On the Lush website, it says there are caramel undertones from the Tonka, citrus from Neroli and sweet vanilla. It's lovely.
A bath ballistic is basically a bath bomb. They don't create lots of bubbles, just smell and colour, and you can get multiple uses out of them too.

The second item in the Blooming Beautiful box is Pop In The Bath which I have not yet used but I know it is a bubble bar, and it's definitely one of Lush's more delicate smells. It's described as bergamot, lemon and mandarin, and is quite a summery smell, but I would still use it now in December. It's white and creamy with a pink flower on top, although on the website is blue and round with an enormous pink flower, so maybe there are two designs as the smell matches up.

Next is the Space Girl bath ballistic, my favourite from my collection and I have been saving it for so long! It is a purple planet SHOWERED - not sprinkled - in red glitter, which I can only imagine will turn the bath all kinds of crazy purple and red. I have also watched demos on youtube that show it hurtling through the water; I am so excited to use it! It is scented with bergamot, grapefruit and almonds and I think it smells just like sherbert or Love Heart sweets. I love it and will definitely use it in the next few days!

My last item is the Woosh shower jelly, which smells amazing. I have used a fair bit but it lasts me ages as again, a little piece creates loads of lather. It's very fresh and citrusy like the name describes, just like lemons and limes, and apparently rosemary is also featured.

I have also had the Amandopondo bubble bar which is lovely, and the Christmas Eve bubble bar which I love sooooo much it smells amazing and must use again. I also really want to try the Snow Fairy, Dragon's Egg, The Comforter and So White products.

That's all, hopefully there will be some more festive blogposts soon.
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Rosie x


Friday 12 December 2014

AW Colours


Just a short one today; I simply wanted to make a post with a variety of different autumn/winter/Christmas colours as I am really in the mood and they are definitely some of the nicest colours :)

Sorry it wasn't much, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Rosie x


Wednesday 3 December 2014

Book Worm Wednesday: November's Books

Hi :)

Today I have two books to mention...

Slated by Teri Terry

Once the Government decide someone to be a terrorist, they take it into their own hands to see to it that their memory is wiped.
These victims wake up, knowing what has happened to them, and having to restart their lives again under a new identity with a new home, family, life. No contact or memories from their old life.
But Kyla is different. She can remember things she's not supposed to. The flash-backs keep coming and the nightmares are getting worse, and Kyla's not sure what's wrong with her. Her past is dangerous, but maybe with the help of Ben and his mates, Kyla can uncover some of the truth about her old life, and what she did to get Slated.
Loved this book, can't wait to read the next in the series!

Divergent by Veronica Roth
 I went on about the DVD in my October Favourites post so are you surprised it has featured this month?
If you haven't read this, you are missing out! It's one of my favourite books ever and such an exciting story! For more information about the plot, go to my October Favourites post as it will be boring to just repeat myself.
5 stars!

Hope you enjoyed reading, my next post SHOULD be an autumn/winter colours post

Rosie x

Tuesday 2 December 2014

November Favourites


Today I am going to show you all the things I have loved during the month of November, there are 6 like last month. Here's an overview:

No7 products have been a strong favourite. I have three lipsticks and one eyeshadow that I have had for a while but never really used, but now I use at least one of my four every day! 
I have two Moisture Drench lipsticks in 60/Chic and 30/Plum Beautiful - both with spf 15 - and a Sheer Temptation one in number 10/Excite. Plum Beautiful has to be my favourite from the lip lot, which I have been loving wearing it with the eyeshadow in 65/Truffle (probably the most appetizing name ever!)
I have written a separate post (a bronze makeup look) involving some of these No7 products and more, so hopefully I haven't repeated myself too much; I can't get enough of them!
Truffle - Plum Beautiful - Sheer Temptation - Chic
I know they also look very similar in the photo, but they're not on the lips!

Next is The Vampire Diaries... I have read volume 1&2 so I borrowed the season 1 DVD from a friend and I LOVE IT. I have only watched disc one and disc two, but I am obsessed already; it's so gripping and the plots are quite different to the book. It also always ends on a cliff-hanger, leaving me wanting more. 

My third favourite has to be the CASUAL sea salt texturising spray by Toni&Guy. I bought this product way back at the beginning of September but I sort of forgot about it and became too lazy to use it before school, but I have recently started using it again and I love the results it gives! First of all it does actually smell really good; I can smell it throughout the entire day having spritzed it early in the morning. It's exactly like the beach: seawater, salt and plants, which sounds disgusting but it's nice, honestly. 

I also have some bits and bobs from MUA that I have been loving, but I won't talk too much about them as I plan to do an A/W Colours blogpost featuring them, but I have two lipsticks in 2 and 10, and three eyeliners in Forest Green, Royal Blue and Berry Wine (I love the names but it's slightly disappointing that the lipsticks only have numbers). All 5 items were a pound each (?!?!?) but are still perfectly good items with good pigmentation and the quality isn't bad. The lipsticks maybe need a couple of touch-ups in the day and the same goes for the eyeliners but what do you expect for a pound?

My penultimate favourite is Daisy Dream perfume by Marc Jacobs. There's not much to say apart from I love the smell - fruity and floral at the same time and the bottle is so, so, pretty! 
The set I bought also came with a 75ml body lotion and a 75ml shower gel that smell identical to the perfume, but I haven't used them yet.

I did a song favourite last month and so I thought I would update that and this month my song favourite is 'The Hanging Tree' sung by Jennifer Lawrence for Mockingjay part 1. I have seen the film twice now since it's been in the cinema, and I've been listening to the hauntingly beautiful song nonstop.

So they were my favourites this month!
Thanks for reading, 

Rosie x

Sunday 30 November 2014

No7 November Bronzed Eyes and Lips


I know it's been a while after I posted about four blogposts in the first week of November, but I'm back with a makeup look!

I've been planning this seasonal bronze makeup look for a while. I would call this an evening look as it's quite dramatic as there is focus on both the eyes and lips, but it depends how daring you want to be with your makeup. I love this look, and will be re-creating it lots this autumn/winter. Hope you enjoy...

The first step is obviously to apply moisturiser (I have used the Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream with spf 15 by Superdrug). I then applied vaseline to my lips just soften them before applying lipstick as you don't want your lips to be dry and flaky underneath!

Next, I just did my face using my Garnier BB cream, collection concealer, stay matte powder and then lightly filled in my brows with Nooner in the Naked 3 palette.

Now to eyes! I used an eyeshadow by No7 in 65/truffle as a base. I put it all over my lid and crease and then blended and smoked it out towards my brow bone. I also took lightly under the outer half of my lower lash-line.

Then in the middle of my lid, I applied MUA's Fiery, a bronzey-orange colour like the name suggests. Afterwards, I lightly brushed MUA's Devotion, a yellowy-gold, in the inner corner of my lid and along the inner half of my lower lash-line.

In my crease, I gently brushed a small amount of Naked 3 Black Heart (carbon black with red flecks) and blended, blended, blended towards the middle of my lid. I then reapplied Truffle to the middle of my lid.

As a brow bone highlight, I used Strange from my Naked 3 palette, and then finished off my eyes with a brown No7 eyeliner along my waterline, and then mascara (I used Miss Sporty's Fabulous Lash Xtra  Black and Does It All 5 In 1 by Collection).

To complete the look, I used a lipstick by No7 in Plum Beautiful/30, which is a bronzey, shimmery, almost metallic colour with hints of purple. I have been wearing it almost everyday lately; I love it!

That is the finished look, if you recreate this, comment down below and let me know! Please keep reading more of my blog, the archive is on the right :)

Have a good day, 

Rosie x

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Remember, Remember the 5th of November


So you may or may not know - depending on where you live in the world - that the 5th of November is a significant day in the year in the UK... Not hugely significant like Christmas, but it's celebrated by most, like pancake day or Halloween.

 It's known as Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night, or Guy Fawkes Night, because back in England 1605, Guy Fawkes hatched a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London and everyone inside. Luckily, the Gunpowder Plot was uncovered, saving King James I and many others. 
Today, people remember what happened by letting off fireworks (just in the garden or going to magnificent displays), waving sparklers or lighting large bonfires with a Guy in the middle and then watching it all happen, wrapped up cosy and warm. Traditional bonfire food is also eaten, like bangers and mash, toffee apples and steaming puddings.

When I googled which countries celebrated Bonfire Night, it came up with the UK (obviously), Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but let me know in the comments if you do too, wherever you are in the world.
 I live in the UK and I like celebrating Bonfire Night, so now I have some photos to show you what I do. Hope you enjoy...

Rosie x
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