Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas Film Picks - My Top 3

Hey guys!

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're like me and just waiting for the day to come, then maybe you'd like to know some good Christmas films to fill those painfully long hours. Here are my top 3:

My favourite ever Christmas film HAS to be 'The Polar Express', all about a boy who doesn't really believe in Christmas, but when a mysterious train stops outside his porch, everything changes. He gives into it's lure and runs frantically after it, where together with his new friends, he is met by a land of magic and hot chocolate  and presents. I watch this every Christmas Eve with my little sister; it's such a heart-warming, festive film that really gets you in the mood.
My second must-see is 'Home Alone', a hilarious film about a boy that is accidentally left at home whilst the rest of his family go on holiday over Christmas. He must defend his home from a pair of dim-witted robbers who plan to steal his family's belongings by setting all sorts of booby-traps like slippery ice and tar, white-hot door handles, sharp baubles and lots more. I suggest you watch this film if you haven't already, it's so good!

Last but not least is 'Nativity', which if you haven't seen, where have you been? When primary school teacher Paul Maddens tells an old friend (now a rival) that his ex girlfriend Jennifer in Hollywood and team is coming to see the Christmas production he is putting on at school to make a film and a book, things get out of hand. He was lying to impress, but after Mr Poppy overhears the conversation, the word spreads like fire and now the entire school are convinced. Paul must either face the difficult challenge of persuading Jennifer to come, or face humiliation and serious consequences...

Those are my top three favourite Christmas films, but recently I saw 'Get Santa' at the cinema which I really enjoyed, and I also would really love to see 'Elf'. If you would like, comment down below anymore Christmas films you think I should watch.

Merry Christmas!

Rosie x


  1. Love your choices! I'm going to have to watch these. I have already watched Home Alone and I love it so much :) x x
    Have a Merry Christmas. x x


    1. Sorry for late reply, but yes, make sure you watch them next year! Hope you had a good christmas :) xx

  2. Love the choice and hope you had a good christmas!
    Would mean alot if you read my blog as I read yours
    x x x

    1. Thankyou, i will be sure to follow your blog :) hope you had a lovely christmas also xxx

    2. Are you on bloglovin? xx


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