Saturday 20 December 2014

A load of LUSH

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I'm sure all of you have heard of Lush, and maybe some have you have had products from there, but today I want to show you some of my Lush products - I don't have many - as it's always lovely to have a good winter-warmer soak. This isn't a haul as I've had some of these products a while (I'm such a Lush hoarder it's terrible) but are still perfectly usable and smell fine.
I keep my bag of Lush products in my wardrobe, which makes my clothes smell good, and they don't get damaged by the sun or ruined in the bathroom! I have just opened my wardrobe door to take out the bag and all I can smell is Love Heart sweets and candy floss...

When I open my bag, the first thing I take out is half a Creamy Candy bubble bar. The bubble bars are for crumbling under warm running water in the bath to create mounds of fragranced bubbles, depending on how much you use. You can, however, get multiple uses out of bubble bars as a little bit goes a long way. I'd say that there are roughly 2-3 uses in Creamy Candy.
It's very sweet in both aesthetics and scent: a ballet pink wedge topped with a daisy that smells like candy floss and vanilla. The bubble bars are also very moisturising and leave your skin smooth and soft.

Next, I have pulled out the Blooming Beautiful box which comes with two items - Think Pink and Pop In The Bath - of which I have used Think Pink. Think Pink is a spherical, pink (naturally) bath ballistic decorated with flowers, and when it fizzes into the water, lots of little pink hearts are released into the water and the bath water turns the exact same shade. On the Lush website, it says there are caramel undertones from the Tonka, citrus from Neroli and sweet vanilla. It's lovely.
A bath ballistic is basically a bath bomb. They don't create lots of bubbles, just smell and colour, and you can get multiple uses out of them too.

The second item in the Blooming Beautiful box is Pop In The Bath which I have not yet used but I know it is a bubble bar, and it's definitely one of Lush's more delicate smells. It's described as bergamot, lemon and mandarin, and is quite a summery smell, but I would still use it now in December. It's white and creamy with a pink flower on top, although on the website is blue and round with an enormous pink flower, so maybe there are two designs as the smell matches up.

Next is the Space Girl bath ballistic, my favourite from my collection and I have been saving it for so long! It is a purple planet SHOWERED - not sprinkled - in red glitter, which I can only imagine will turn the bath all kinds of crazy purple and red. I have also watched demos on youtube that show it hurtling through the water; I am so excited to use it! It is scented with bergamot, grapefruit and almonds and I think it smells just like sherbert or Love Heart sweets. I love it and will definitely use it in the next few days!

My last item is the Woosh shower jelly, which smells amazing. I have used a fair bit but it lasts me ages as again, a little piece creates loads of lather. It's very fresh and citrusy like the name describes, just like lemons and limes, and apparently rosemary is also featured.

I have also had the Amandopondo bubble bar which is lovely, and the Christmas Eve bubble bar which I love sooooo much it smells amazing and must use again. I also really want to try the Snow Fairy, Dragon's Egg, The Comforter and So White products.

That's all, hopefully there will be some more festive blogposts soon.
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