Tuesday 2 December 2014

November Favourites


Today I am going to show you all the things I have loved during the month of November, there are 6 like last month. Here's an overview:

No7 products have been a strong favourite. I have three lipsticks and one eyeshadow that I have had for a while but never really used, but now I use at least one of my four every day! 
I have two Moisture Drench lipsticks in 60/Chic and 30/Plum Beautiful - both with spf 15 - and a Sheer Temptation one in number 10/Excite. Plum Beautiful has to be my favourite from the lip lot, which I have been loving wearing it with the eyeshadow in 65/Truffle (probably the most appetizing name ever!)
I have written a separate post (a bronze makeup look) involving some of these No7 products and more, so hopefully I haven't repeated myself too much; I can't get enough of them!
Truffle - Plum Beautiful - Sheer Temptation - Chic
I know they also look very similar in the photo, but they're not on the lips!

Next is The Vampire Diaries... I have read volume 1&2 so I borrowed the season 1 DVD from a friend and I LOVE IT. I have only watched disc one and disc two, but I am obsessed already; it's so gripping and the plots are quite different to the book. It also always ends on a cliff-hanger, leaving me wanting more. 

My third favourite has to be the CASUAL sea salt texturising spray by Toni&Guy. I bought this product way back at the beginning of September but I sort of forgot about it and became too lazy to use it before school, but I have recently started using it again and I love the results it gives! First of all it does actually smell really good; I can smell it throughout the entire day having spritzed it early in the morning. It's exactly like the beach: seawater, salt and plants, which sounds disgusting but it's nice, honestly. 

I also have some bits and bobs from MUA that I have been loving, but I won't talk too much about them as I plan to do an A/W Colours blogpost featuring them, but I have two lipsticks in 2 and 10, and three eyeliners in Forest Green, Royal Blue and Berry Wine (I love the names but it's slightly disappointing that the lipsticks only have numbers). All 5 items were a pound each (?!?!?) but are still perfectly good items with good pigmentation and the quality isn't bad. The lipsticks maybe need a couple of touch-ups in the day and the same goes for the eyeliners but what do you expect for a pound?

My penultimate favourite is Daisy Dream perfume by Marc Jacobs. There's not much to say apart from I love the smell - fruity and floral at the same time and the bottle is so, so, pretty! 
The set I bought also came with a 75ml body lotion and a 75ml shower gel that smell identical to the perfume, but I haven't used them yet.

I did a song favourite last month and so I thought I would update that and this month my song favourite is 'The Hanging Tree' sung by Jennifer Lawrence for Mockingjay part 1. I have seen the film twice now since it's been in the cinema, and I've been listening to the hauntingly beautiful song nonstop.

So they were my favourites this month!
Thanks for reading, 

Rosie x


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    1. I'm so sorry I didn't see this comment! Sure I will :) x


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