Sunday 30 November 2014

No7 November Bronzed Eyes and Lips


I know it's been a while after I posted about four blogposts in the first week of November, but I'm back with a makeup look!

I've been planning this seasonal bronze makeup look for a while. I would call this an evening look as it's quite dramatic as there is focus on both the eyes and lips, but it depends how daring you want to be with your makeup. I love this look, and will be re-creating it lots this autumn/winter. Hope you enjoy...

The first step is obviously to apply moisturiser (I have used the Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream with spf 15 by Superdrug). I then applied vaseline to my lips just soften them before applying lipstick as you don't want your lips to be dry and flaky underneath!

Next, I just did my face using my Garnier BB cream, collection concealer, stay matte powder and then lightly filled in my brows with Nooner in the Naked 3 palette.

Now to eyes! I used an eyeshadow by No7 in 65/truffle as a base. I put it all over my lid and crease and then blended and smoked it out towards my brow bone. I also took lightly under the outer half of my lower lash-line.

Then in the middle of my lid, I applied MUA's Fiery, a bronzey-orange colour like the name suggests. Afterwards, I lightly brushed MUA's Devotion, a yellowy-gold, in the inner corner of my lid and along the inner half of my lower lash-line.

In my crease, I gently brushed a small amount of Naked 3 Black Heart (carbon black with red flecks) and blended, blended, blended towards the middle of my lid. I then reapplied Truffle to the middle of my lid.

As a brow bone highlight, I used Strange from my Naked 3 palette, and then finished off my eyes with a brown No7 eyeliner along my waterline, and then mascara (I used Miss Sporty's Fabulous Lash Xtra  Black and Does It All 5 In 1 by Collection).

To complete the look, I used a lipstick by No7 in Plum Beautiful/30, which is a bronzey, shimmery, almost metallic colour with hints of purple. I have been wearing it almost everyday lately; I love it!

That is the finished look, if you recreate this, comment down below and let me know! Please keep reading more of my blog, the archive is on the right :)

Have a good day, 

Rosie x

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