Wednesday 5 November 2014

Book Worm Wednesday: October's Books


I have done more reading this month; I have four books to recommend today. 
Let's get right into it!

Invisible Threads by Annie and Maria Dalton
I really enjoyed this book - the story is written from two different POVs, which run alongside each other, and are interlinked. Both are from 16 year old girls, one who is a mother and has had too much freedom and neglect in her life, and the other is an adopted girl that feels she has the strictest, fussiest parents in the world.  Because of this, she decides she wants to find her real mum, but it's not as easy as she thinks.
This is a story of loss and letting go, and I would definitely recommend it!
Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy
Whispers of fear spread through town when the people question what really happened to a poor young girl after she disappeared, but only Alice Tully truly knows what happened. The girl was murdered by Jennifer Jones...
 Alice has a secret herself, so deep and dark, no one must know. When Alice's secret begins to haunt her, she finds herself looking back on her childhood, and questioning what really drove Jennifer Jones to commit such a terrible crime... 
If you ever have the opportunity to read this book, I suggest you do!

Day 21 by Kass Morgan
So you may remember that a couple of months ago, I read the 100 by Kass Morgan, which is one of my favourite books I've ever read. I got the sequel from the library, and it did not disappoint. I read it in a day.
The situation is bad in the camp on Earth; several people have fallen ill or died, and it seems a coincidence when a mystery girl is caught spying on them. Once she is taken hostage, the group discover that she is in fact an Earthborn - some people never left after the war...
Day 21 holds just as much action and suspense as The 100, and I loved it just as much! The story ended on a cliff-hanger again, so I am hoping that there will be a third story. 
Read it ASAP, 5 stars!

The Vampire Diaries Volume 1: The Awakening and The Struggle by L J Smith
My most recent read is Volume 1 of The Vampire Diaries (TVD). I am a big fan of Twilight, and so I wasn't sure what to expect when I read TVD, but I have to say it was totally different! TVD was definitely a lot spookier and did creep me out once or twice!
Elena Gilbert is used to having her own way, so when she is blanked by new boy Stefan, she is outraged. Rivalry with her best friend Caroline gets out of hand, so when Elena and Stefan begin talking and start a relationship, Caroline tries to do everything she can to end it.
Soon, Caroline is the least of Elena's worries when there have been several murders in town, and all evidence points to Stefan. Elena knows it's not Stefan, but in fact his shadow, the  dark force that seems to be everywhere, taking her life and ripping it apart.
Definitely add this book to your reading list!

I hope you have found some good reads since I have begun this monthly post, and will continue to in the future! Thanks for reading,

Rosie x


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