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Hello, I'm Rosie - formerly rosalynwrites! After three years away from blogging I have given my page a bit (a lot) of a refresh, and I'm really enjoying being back to writing regularly again. During my absence, I passed my A-Levels, and I am now two thirds of the way through my English degree at the University of Birmingham, which I am absolutely loving! I only wish that time would slow down a bit - I can't believe that in a year I will be graduating.

When I am not living in Birmingham, I live back at home in a town in Cambridgeshire with my family and my dog. There are so many things I love about both of these places, but the thought of graduating and hopefully finding a job in Birmingham so that I can stay is really exciting.

I am using this space to share what I am passionate about and document little bits from my life. My content naturally has had a bit of a shake up from the things I used to write about; so far, a lot of my writing has been lockdown-related, but I am also hoping to write about university life and travel (once we are able to do so!!). I cannot say for certain the ways in which my blog will develop in the future, but I am expecting this to be a long term project. I hope you enjoy reading. :) x

For a more detailed update and (re)introduction, visit my Long Time No Type post!

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