Saturday 9 May 2020

Long Time No Type

Hello hello hello! 

I'm wasn't really sure how to start this post, as I've been away from my blog for three and a half years, but I think I shall just see where my thoughts take me. I never intended to stop blogging, but I feel like everyone goes through that phase at the age of 15 of wanting to become a full time fashion and beauty blogger, and whilst that becomes a career for some people, it was a hobby that ran its course for me. So now I have decided it's time for a refresh and reboot! As you can see, I've given my blog a bit of a re-brand, and moved away from the alias of 'rosalynwrites' to just my full name; I wanted to create a more personal and upfront image, as well as have some consistency with my social media @s. I have also spent a bit of ££ and invested in a new domain name, and bought myself the Culture Shock template from Pipdig, which I absolutely love! 

Since my last blog post - a Zoeva eyeshadow palette, very 2016, of course - I have completed my A Levels, and have almost finished the first two years of my English degree at the University of Birmingham; my second year has sadly been cut short by coronavirus, with exams cancelled and all my learning moved online. I can definitely say that in this time away from blogging, my love for writing has not fallen away, but that it has grown and hopefully improved! It's no surprise that as an English student, I am always writing, and additionally, my best friend and I have started producing content for the food and drink section of the university newspaper, Redbrick, as of this year. We have a shared love for cooking and experimenting together in the kitchen of our house that we rent with four other girls, and so wanted to document this collaboratively! Self-promo alert, but I have actually created a small shortcut on the right tab of my blog that will take you to our most recent Redbrick article, should you wish to have a look. My enthusiasm for this was definitely one of the things that got me thinking about restarting and rebooting my blog.

I am trying to use this lockdown as a period of positivity and time out, to reflect and really focus on the things and activities that I both enjoy, and that will serve a long term purpose for me. I am hoping this blog will be both! Whilst I am sure a lot of my coming content will focus on lock-down related themes such as online learning, social media, and simple pleasures such as reading and cooking, I also want to use this space to document and write about topics surrounding university life, travel, what I am passionate about - and I'm sure many other things that I have not thought of yet now that I have become so used to living within a quarantine bubble. That is not to say that I will never discuss makeup and beauty ever again, but for now I am exploring a new direction, and it is one that I am very excited to get blogging about. 

I am also super keen to begin building/re-building my blogging network, so please feel free to leave any comments on this post, even if it's just a hello!, or follow me on Bloglovin' - I'm actually having a few issues with my Bloglovin' account right now so it looks a bit scatty but I am still aiming to be very active on there! The link to my Bloglovin' profile can be found along with the rest of my social media icons on the right hand tab.

If you got to the end of this post, then thank you for taking the time to read - I realise updates can be a bit boring but I felt this was needed to fill the gap before I begin blogging 'properly' again. Watch this space!!

Lots of love, Rosie x

p.s. if you would like to know how I've been spending lockdown so far, hopefully these pictures can provide a nice summary...


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