Saturday, 10 September 2016

Zoeva Mixed Metals | Review & Swatches

So I know I've been gone a while but I'm back with a wham-bam exciting and glittery review of the Mixed Metals eyeshadow palette by Zoeva. I stumbled upon this on Beauty Bay when I was looking to treat myself after my GCSE results, and I originally was going to purchase some of Makeup Geek's duo-chrome shadows, but I was drawn to this palette as soon as I saw it.

After receiving it in no time, (Beauty Bay's two day/next day delivery is a definite bonus), I am super surprised as to why so many people do not mention this product, unlike Zoeva's Cocoa Blend palette. I can only put it down to the fact that the palette is perhaps less wearable than others, as it has few neutral toned shadows. The pigmentation of each shadow is so beautifully intense; Copper Plate and Platinum in particular are super buttery and soft.

The packaging gets a thumbs up from me; the rocks on the palette are beautiful to look at, but this palette is good in more ways than just the aesthetics. The light and sleek rectangular shape makes it perfect to travel with, or to slide right into your makeup bag.

The Mixed Metals is perfect for neutral lovers like me that are wanting to step out of their comfort zone and begin wearing brighter colours, either to make a statement eye look, or to use the colour as an accent to liven up a neutral look.
On immediate first thoughts, I can see that so many of these colours would be perfect in the summer time - the shimmer would catch the light soooo beautifully - maybe at a festival, or simply day to day if you're feeling adventurous. But on second thoughts, why not all year round? Alloy, Rusty Steel and Copper Plate strike me as really autumnal colours, and Onyx (a matte black, the only matte in the palette) is a staple for all year round, along with Warm Silver, a warm and pinky shimmer.

Overall, this palette gets a 10/10 from me



  1. I've missed your posts so much!! I'm so glad you're back, this was wonderful! xo

  2. Thankyou so much!! It feels good to be back xx

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