Thursday 28 August 2014

My First Blog Post


Putting my first blog post up is exciting, if a little scary. Who knows what will come out of it?
Before today, I had thought lots about setting up my own blog, telling myself I was going to do it, but never actually doing it - I'm not sure why. I even planned a few summery posts, but I suppose they will have to wait until next year - where I live, summer is pretty much over.
   I have many reasons for starting a blog, the main one being that I love to write, and later on in my life, hopefully I will be able to pursue a career in writing. I love being creative, and I think that having a blog will give me the opportunity to do just that.

I thought that as this is my first post, I would start things off by telling you five facts about me, so you can learn a little bit more about me:

  • My name is Rosalyn, although everyone calls me Rosie
  • I am 14 years old
  • I am obsessed with the colour mint
  • I also love sunflowers
  • My favourite season is Autumn

Hopefully you now will know a little bit more about me, even if it isn't much. 
   I am still getting to grips with blogging, designing my page and using the tools, but I have really enjoyed writing my first post and I am looking forward to writing many more in the future! 
   I plan to write about lots of different topics in this blog; fashion, beauty and hairstyles, everyday life, baking... I'm not entirely sure yet. I hope you have enjoyed reading, please subscribe - there's a lot more to come, and I can't wait to see how my blog turns out!

Rosie x

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