Wednesday 3 September 2014

Book Worm Wednesday: August Books


To begin this post, I have another fact for you all, and that is that I love to read, and I read a lot.
   I love getting book recommendations from other people, and so I thought that I would start something called 'Book Worm Wednesday' on my blog, something I will do on the first Wednesday of every month. In these posts, I will recommend any great books that I loved reading in the previous month. As I said in my previous post, I am 14, so most of the books I will be writing about will be aimed at teenagers, or young adults, but not all of them. Hopefully all you book worms out there will enjoy reading these posts, and give you ideas of some good books to read. I think this is a fun idea, hopefully you do too. Enjoy...

Teardrop by Lauren Kate

'Teardrop' was the second book I finished in the month of August, and I can't recommend it enough! The series - written for a teenage audience - is Lauren Kate's second series after the Fallen series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I love 'Teardrop' even more.

The cover of the book is a stunning, captivating swirl of blues and purples, featuring a girl wearing a dress that is in fact a water droplet. In the background, I can see a city skyline and a bridge; which I think is where the beginning of the novel takes place, whereas the scene on the bottom of the book are quite the opposite to the urban skyline - watery images blur together, creating mystery and fascination, making the entire cover a magical and clever piece of art.
'Teardrop' is about a traumatized girl named Eureka, who lost her mother after a large tidal wave surged onto the road, sweeping the car away. Eureka doesn't understand how she didn't drown too, but maybe secretive, striking Ander can supply some of the answers to her questions...
   With the help of some of her mother's precious belongings, Eureka learns so much more about her past and future than she ever did before, and that she is in terrible, terrible danger.
    'Teardrop' is a story of love and loss, sacrifice, myth, and discovering who you truly are. I loved it so much, and can't wait to read the next book in the series. Read it now!

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Another book I read during my summer was 'The 100', which I loved so much I read the 323 pages in two hours, heart racing, eyes racing, never looking up. 

The cover has a cool science-fiction feel to it, but what I especially like is the boldness and simplicity of it, whilst giving away little snippets of what is inside the book. I see stars and galaxies, bright lights, futuristic machines, romance, a determined face, a wandering boy. I think the cover is very eye-catching and reflects the story very well.

'The 100' - again, a book for young adults - is of a dystopian genre. Hundreds of years into the future, the people of planet Earth are living in a colony of three spaceships after a nuclear war has happened. Instead of being executed on their 18th birthdays, 100 juvenile criminals are sent to Earth as guinea pigs - will they be able to build up the Earth again, or have they all been sent to their deaths? Whilst most citizens carry on with their lives in ignorance, those in charge who do know about the 100 wait patiently to see an outcome. 
   The story is viewed and told through the eyes of four people: Clarke, Wells, Bellamy and Glass. Clarke is one of the 100 in the transport pod, and is shocked to find that Wells - the chancellor's son - will be joining her. Bellamy fights his way to Earth in order to protect his sister, whilst Glass escapes for the boy she loves, putting her life in danger.
   Together, the 100 must do everything in their power to stay alive, but with missing medicines, little food, and hierarchy in the camp growing stronger by the minute, surviving becomes a struggle...

'The 100' has become one of my favourite books, and I strongly urge you to pick it up now!

Three more to finish off...

'Teardrop' and 'The 100' were my top two favourite books from August, but there are a couple of others that I feel deserve a mention, and they are 'My sister lives on the mantelpiece' by Annabel Pitcher - sad yet heart-warming and funny, and definitely worth the read. Another was 'This is what happy looks like' by Jennifer E Smith - the perfect upbeat, romantic, enjoyable summer read. I was hooked. And last but not least, 'Runaway' by Marie Louise Jensen - I love to read historical fiction with elements of romance and mystery, and that also have a strong female lead, and this book was just that. I loved it!

So I hope you have enjoyed reading my first instalment of Book-Worm Wednesday, and that this has maybe given you some ideas of good books to read - I would definitely recommend all five! The next Book-Worm Wednesday will be posted on Wednesday 1st October, reflecting on September's good reads. 

If you would like to, please follow my blog, and look out for more blog posts in the near future.

Rosie x


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