Thursday 16 October 2014

Plum Purple Eyeshadow Look

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Hello, I have an exciting post today!

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But now to the important part...
Recently it was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. Since then I have been playing around with my different eyeshadows, experimenting with colour, creating different looks, and generally having fun, now that I have a wider variety of eyeshadows.
Over the weekend, I came up with a plum coloured eyeshadow look that I have never done before. It has a definite purple theme, but there are some pinky tones, as well as some blues. I think it's perfect for this time of year when the jewel shades come into season - forest greens, vampire reds, deep purples, midnight blues etc.  
I thought that a step-by-step tutorial focusing on the eyes would be the perfect seasonal blogpost, and I'm really excited to share it with you all!
Let's go...


After I had applied my concealer, BB cream and setting powder, I primed my eyelids with one of Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer potions - I used Sin - and then I blended and smoothed it out evenly across both lids with my finger.


Next, I took my Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Vintage Plum on a fluffy brush, and basically did the same thing with that as I did with the primer potion, only that I took it a little higher than my lid. It is important to blend, to make sure there are no harsh lines.


Using my 17 eye palette, I took two of the colours Vengeance Purple (navy with purple flecks) and Lilac (a reddish purple) together on a flat brush and applied them to the outer third of my eyelid, blending towards the middle and up towards by brow bone. I repeated this until the two colours had merged nicely with Vintage Plum, and everything was gradual. 


This is where my Naked 3 palette comes in! Using the double ended brush that comes with the palette, I mixed Darkside and Blackheart together (both of which are purpley red toned), and lightly applied the mix to my crease with the crease end of the brush. Then with a fluffy brush, I blended and blended, up and down, until all the colours on my lid were working well together, and the transitions into different colours were gradual. I also dragged the colours lightly along my lower lash line, nothing dramatic, it just made my eyes stand out a bit more.


Now that the darker half of my lid was complete, I had to do the inner half, and add some light. So, using the shadow end of the Naked 3 brush, I took the colour Buzz, a gorgeous pigmented purple pink shade and patted it all over the middle and inner part of my lid. I patted rather than swiped for the full colour, and this powder also has a lot of fallout, and I didn't want to look all glittery and shimmery to the left and right of my nose (as nice as that may sound!)


I have an old palette by Technic that I got from a magazine years and years ago that only has three colours, but I've hung onto it because the colours are sometimes useful. I used a small lip brush - which I would never actually use on my lips as I find it weird to apply lip products with brushes - and dabbed it into a pastel lilac colour and brushed it into the inner corner of my eyelid to brighten my eyes and bring light to them. I find lip brushes really useful for things like this, as they are small and neat and fit in inner corners.


Back to the Naked 3 palette again! Using my finger I applied the lightest colour, called Strange, to my brow bone to hightlight that area, and highlighting your brow bone also makes the colours on your eyelid stand out more, because of the contrast.


All eyeshadow is complete, nearly done. To finish off my eyes, I drew a brown eyeliner along my waterline to bring out my green eyes, and add more definition to them. Last but not least, I applied mascara to my top and bottom lashes using the Big Fake Curves by Collection. 

All done! The colours I have used on my eyes make me feel all festive for autumn: pretty twilight skies in the evenings, sweet berries growing on the hedges and plum tones, the eerie purple glow of halloween, bright, bold fireworks on November 5th and cosy burgundy jumpers.

 I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tutorial, and maybe it's given you some ideas for seasonal eye makeup? I really enjoy trying new things, and hopefully a few of you will try this out. Put your own spin on it, add things, take steps away - let me know in the comments if you do!

More posts to come soon,

Rosie x

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