Friday 24 October 2014

Things I Love About Autumn


As you may have seen in my last blogpost, I had to put in a link to claim my blog on bloglovin', well that was successful; make sure you follow me on there, rosalynwrites.

Anyway, we're basically now half way through Autumn *sigh* but seeing as Autumn is my favourite season, I thought I should write a blogpost highlighting the best bits. There are loads, trust me.
I may as well start off with hot chocolate, because who doesn't love hot chocolate? This year my hot chocolates went a up a level when I added squirty cream and mini marshmallows. And then the cream melts into the hot chocolate and the marshmallows go all gooey and ahh... Heavenly.
 Another obvious one has to be the cosy jumpers we all live in! They're so warm to wrap up in, and then winding soft scarves over the top is extra snugly. Fluffy socks are also an essential, to warm up those toes!
I love autumn/winter fashion in general - tights and boots, scarves, tartan, leather, monochrome, big coats and jewel colours etc.

Whilst I'm on the topic of comfy and cosy, I have to mention onesies! I love it when it gets colder at night; I can finally wear them! I have a stripy onesie and a giraffe one that I love, but I need to get another as I just grew out of a hedgehog one :(
Beautiful autumn skies has to be another one. It's so beautiful when the sun is just setting; so many colours blend together - purple, orange, red - to make a vibrant explosion, which is particularly stunning against a black silhouette.
Autumn is also the time when I have more longer, relaxing bubble baths. At the moment I have a few lush and soap & glory products that smell sooooo good!
I also really enjoy setting off fireworks on November 5th - or going to a display - and watching the amazing colours that pop all over the sky, then eating tasty food and steaming puddings. Of course, there's Halloween too. I love it at this time of year when it gets spooky and there are pumpkins, sweets and creepy characters everywhere!
Autumn also means that Christmas is a few months away, and that's exciting! Christmas is my favourite celebration of the year!
I recently got some new fairy lights that I have strung around my window, and it's really nice turning them on in the evenings and afternoons when it gets dark outside. Can't forget about the candles either! I love watching them flicker and glow, and even if you don't burn them, they make the whole room smell nice and make nice decorations.

 I love walking through piles of leaves on the ground, listening to them crunch and looking at all the amazing colours on the ground. It's also great fun finding the shiniest, reddest, biggest conker!
Finally, I just really like the general cosiness of autumn, and when it's raining outside and I'm all tucked up inside, under blankets, or reading a good book or watching a film.
 So they were the main things I love about the autumn time, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing is about autumn, and don't forget to follow!
You can look forward to a Halloween post soon, but that's it for now,

Rosie x

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