Wednesday 18 February 2015

The Bold Lip: Purple Edition

A new blogpost? On a Wednesday?
I am currently on school holidays, so seeing as that gives me some extra time I thought I would squeeze in an additional blogpost this week, hope you enjoy.

Just before Christmas I bought two lip crayons for £2.50 each from Claire's Accessories, (their makeup is surprisingly good!), both being very 'in your face' colours; a bright orangey coral, perfect for the summer and the other a true electric purple. Scary!

Wearing bold lips and stepping out of your comfort zone can either make you feel self conscious and paranoid constantly, or it can make you feel confident. I don't tend to use Berry loads as it is SUCH a bright colour, but I have worn it a couple of times lately and received compliments from friends. I've had no Coral opportunities yet, as Coral is definitely a spring/summer colour and Berry an autumn/winter, however I still think it would be pretty to wear in the spring months.

Wearing Berry during the day time does require everything else to be fairly low key, however, so today I have gone for simple, light, pinky eyes using the naked 3 palette just to add pretty colour that will work well with the lips. Still for an everyday look, you can instead opt for a soft brown look, or even no shadow at all. 

Obviously just do whatever else you would do makeup wise on a daily basis, till all is done but the lips, this time the main feature of the look. You can line your lips, or just miss that out - I always do. Unless you are really practiced, I would suggest you carefully begin to apply the product; bold colours are extremely difficult to wipe away when it goes wrong... A couple of weeks ago, my friend gave me bright red overdrawn clown lips that took a severe amount of scrubbing and left a slight stain for hours. It was funny though!

Remember that colour is build-able. Like I said, it's easier to add than takeaway so just take your time, but keep tissues or makeup wipes within reach just incase it does get messy. To tone down colour, you can blot your lips, and this also will matte-ify them slightly, lowering the risk of smudging, which is always a bonus! (But if you do prefer the glossy look, just apply a sheer but shiny balm or gloss).

Because this shade of purple is so bright and noticeable, I also like to keep my outfit fairly low key for the day time, too. I like to wear it mainly with monochrome, or mix the colour into another area of the outfit to match. For example, I own a pair of purple tights that are pretty much the same shade, and they look nice together.

Of course this colour isn't for everyone, but this is just me experimenting and playing around with makeup, which I enjoy doing. Some will like it, some won't but I think it's fun and different.

If you are feeling unsure about whether to wear a statement colour out, my advice is to be bold like your lips, and just step outside your comfort zone and try it. It may look amazing, but you'll never know until you try it!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, 
until next time



  1. Great Post! I recently given an orange/coral lipstick. I would have never usually have worn/bought this colour because I didn't think it suited my skin tone at all but it looks surprisingly nice :)
    Emsi xo

    1. Yeah sometimes you just have to try things before you know how it looks! Experimenting is one of my favourite things xx

  2. love a purple lip, it looks great on you!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  3. This colour is so beautiful! Looks gorgeous on you. Lovely blog by the way :)

  4. I'm not usually a fan of purple lipsticks but this one looks really good on you!

    x vonyll


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