Sunday 21 June 2015

Malta | Things To Do, Places To See

I am extremely happy to be able to say that I am BACK! Thankyou to all who stuck with me and continued to follow and comment :)

Something I have been meaning to add to my blog is an element of travel, and so far all I've blogged about is London. I mentioned back in April in my Collective Haul that I'd be writing a post about my 6 day holiday in Malta around Easter time, so that's what I'm finally doing today!
This post is very looooong as I have so many photos to share, but look on if you are planning a trip to Malta and want to know some of the best places to go, or if you just fancy having a nosey...

We stayed in north Malta in a small, beautiful town called Mellieha near St Paul's bay. The villa had gorgeous views across the landscape, as well as a pool.

 On our first evening, we explored the town and found lots of little market shops selling yummy fruit in abundance, as well as visiting the most amazing restaurant, Ta' Randi. If you ever visit Malta, make sure you visit Ta' Randi. The food was so incredible that we ended up going back, and I had the same meal twice: tomato bruschetta followed by a pasta dish of chicken and sun dried tomatoes. We have since tried to recreate it!

My favourite day was the day we visited the famous old city Mdina. There were cobbled streets and little gift shops and restaurants all around. We took a ride around the place in a little horse and carriage - a rickety ride but definitely one of my highlights of the holiday.

My family and I also enjoyed a peaceful walk around the peninsula of the island that held some breath taking views, and resulted in us finding a beautiful empty cove, and then a beach with palm trees and many photo opportunities! And then we had a perfect end to the day at Ta' Randi. 

Gozo was another place we set out to explore. Gozo is an even smaller island next to Malta that you can reach by boat, and we went there to see the Azure Window, the inland sea, salt pans, the cathedral, have lunch, and to just enjoy the scenery and the culture.

On recommendation, we went to the Ta' Qali Craft Village, where there were lots of little shops selling all kinds of things like ornaments, clay work, trinkets - crafts, as you can imagine! It was a really lovely place, and I would highly recommend; if you'd like to see some of the things I bought, check out my Collective Haul.

On our last day, my family and I visited Valetta, the capital city of Malta, which had some beautiful sights, and delicious food.

One of the reasons I love Malta is for its scenery and culture. The flat topped buildings amongst the arid landscape look so exotic; it makes a wonderful and different place to visit, a world away from England.

Writing this has given me post holiday blues, especially as it's pouring down while I write this. Malta is a brilliant place to visit and explore; I really hope to return in the future.
 Look out for a new post on Wednesday!


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