Wednesday 24 June 2015

Neutral Everyday Makeup

Apologies, I forgot to do the photography and ended up doing it the evening before when the lighting was rubbish!

I haven't done a makeup tutorial since April! Granted, I haven't been blogging lately, but seeing as makeup and beauty is something I love to write about, I thought it was the perfect time to blog another look, this time a fairly warm and neutral, low key one.

Some days before school, I go for a run and so I haven't always had time to do all the usual steps in my makeup; some days I have no time for primer and so just use the Soltan BB Face Cream for a light, protecting base, but occasionally I will go without, applying only a moisturiser with SPF as the weather is warming up.

Base Products

I will pretty much always use concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection, of course), as the end of school term is always busy, and that definitely shows under my eyes! Today I'm also going to skip powder and go straight on to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes with MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder. I've been using this constantly lately! It gives your skin such a beautiful glow for only £3.

Instead of just repeating in every tutorial how I do my brows, I am planning to do an eyebrow routine post soon. I will only include my brows in tutorials if I am using new products :)

At the moment, I tend to go for warm eye looks (to be honest, I do most of the time, but particularly now that it's summer), usually a warm brown or a pinky kind of look - both with bronzey tones - but as I'm keeping this neutral, I'm doing brown today.


To begin with, I brush a mix of Nooner and Trick through my crease and along the lower lashline to create a soft, warm glow. A shadow I have used to absolute death - as I used to use it on my eyebrows - is MUA's Lavish, which I brush along my tight line and slightly in the outer corner of my eyes.
Of course, I then blend, blend, blend as this is a soft and neutral day time look.
I then line my waterline with white eyeliner to brighten and open my eyes.
Mascara wise, I always use Rollerlash by Benefit (my mini is lasting me SO long!!) or Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme, today I went for Sumptuous Extreme. BUT. Beforehand, I have been applying Lash Primer Plus, also by Estee Lauder. IT MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE. Adding a layer of white beforehand intensifies the black, as well as lengthening the lashes.

Lashes And Liner

I haven't really been wearing much on my lips lately, occasionally just a tinted lip balm, as most of my lipsticks are all autumnal colours. Boots is calling to me...


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