Wednesday 9 September 2015

BTS | What's In My School Bag?

What better a way to close the BTS season than with a What's In My School Bag for all the deets on what I pack and my top essentials?

Firstly, my bag is from H&M (you can buy it here) and I think as far as bags go, it's pretty beautiful. The simple but classic, 'it will go with everything', black handbag with a detachable strap is always a win, and not only is it so spacious, but what really sold it for me was the teal green lining around all the corners and edges of the bag. In the right light, the colour really stands out, and totally transforms the bag from already very lovely to even better - it's just a nice touch, and something unique that others don't really have.

My bag has three compartments - the middle being smaller and zipped - several pouches and a zipped pocket. In the middle section and the various pockets and pouches I keep small things, like my umbrella, a small purse, my lip product of the day, keys, my phone and earphones, and a pot of spearmint gum; these are all essentials for me. 

In one of the main compartments I keep a water bottle and my lunch box. I like to keep them separate so if my bottle or lunch does leak (I have dressing on a salad each day) there's less risk of them ruining my books, which brings me on to the other large compartment. In there I keep all my books for the day, my school diary/log book, a pencil case and a little L'Occitane makeup bag. In there I keep tissues, paracetamol, a compact mirror, a little tub of nail polish remover pads, plasters, sanitary pads, lip balm, hand sanitiser and hand cream. 

On the days that I have PE, my kit is stuffed wherever it will fit!

I'm sure that in a few weeks, my bag will begin to accumulate various items of rubbish and pocket lint - I'd be lying if I said otherwise - but for now I like to keep it as organised and clean as possible, so I can quickly find in my bag exactly what I am looking for.

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. That bag is gorgeous!! I love this post

    CharlotteSamantha //

  2. Love the bag!xx



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