Wednesday 2 September 2015

BWW | Summer Reads

I realise I haven't done a bookworm Wednesday for months, but I didn't realise it had been five! I'm still continuing BWW, but it so happened that I didn't read much during exam season, and what I've read beforehand and after have just been compiled into this.

I read City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare so long ago now that it'll be difficult to give a good synopsis, but it's the sequel to City Of Bones which I mentioned back in February's BWW. If you're new to the series then look away; the second book delves deeper into Clary's relationship with Jace and the big brother or lover question that every fan is asking, as well as the confusion she is feeling due to her loyalty to Simon. Simon also faces troubles of his own after he is turned into a vampire, and soon learns that he is part of a ritual lead by Valentine that means one vampire and one werewolf must die.

Life After Life is a book by Kat Atkinson in which the narrator, Ursula, is born and dies, born and dies, born and dies, over and over. The story follows her life and the decisions or pure luck she encounters that could save her life a long way down the line, including the decision to shoot dead a man that would have caused so much destruction and genocide throughout the world.

It took me less than a day to read I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan. It was easy to follow, and the suspenseful cliffhangers throughout the book had me gripped. The story follows four very different characters, whom last summer were the best of friends. At the beginning of the story they are mere acquaintances, until a series of anonymous notes, threats and injuries that take place, bringing the four together again to face What They Did Last Summer.

Dead Jealous by Sharon Jones is another novel of secrets, mystery, and a lot of danger. Poppy Sinclair takes it upon herself to uncover the truth behind the dead girl face down in a lake in the middle of a festival. She soon finds herself tangled in a web of complicated relationships, jealousy and revenge, and encounters a horrifying near-death herself at the hands of a seemingly innocent.

Finding Jennifer Jones by Anne Cassidy is the sequel to Looking For JJ, which I read in October. The second novel focuses on life after prison for Jennifer, more so than the first. It explores the grief and guilt she feels for killing her best friend and tearing up her family, and the ways in which she deals with it, new relationships, new housemates, a new job. She is finally free as Jennifer Jones again after meeting Lucy - a witness to the manslaughter - and her secret is leaked to the world.

The last book I have to share with you all is Leaving Poppy by Kate Cain. Amber's sister Poppy is 'fragile', Amber is 'strong' and their mother is pretty much weak, helpless and in denial. Amber escapes the clutches of her family to Cornwall, where she begins to rebuild her life with a home and friendly housemates, a good job, a sense of peace. Until Poppy follows, and rents out the attic in the very house Amber is living in. But a strange force is causing disruption in the house, and to Poppy.

I would definitely recommend any one of these books - what would you recommend?



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