Sunday 20 December 2015

Clothes Show Live Haul

I've recently been to The Clothes Show in Birmingham, where there were loads and loads of stands selling and advertising makeup, clothes, hair products and more. So many brands were selling cheap goody bags with generous amounts of product inside, and today I'm going to share it all with you!
Tomorrow I'm going to post a first impressions face with lots of these new items, so I won't be going into details now as I don't want to repeat myself.

It can be quite overwhelming there when shopping for clothes at the Clothes Show, as there aren't the usual high street stores that you're used to, just little individual shops or pop up boutiques. Lots of them are quite vintage and retro, and are either really expensive or really cheap. MinkPink (which I believe is sold at ASOS and Urban Outfitters) had a rail of £5 items. I bought a grey, ribbed, turtle neck crop top. These are really popular at the moment, but most other places are selling them for twice the price.
I also picked up more of a summery top, embroidered with blue, green and red flowers. I can't wait to wear it next summer!

Makeup is a good 95% of this haul, and I really enjoyed organising this in my drawers, as pathetic as that sounds. I'm an organisation freak.
From a stall selling a variety of brands at discount prices, I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, after borrowing my friend's and loving it, for £7 rather than £9.99.

The first goody bag I purchased was Barry M's for £10, which held 13 items. Everything came in a good quality, pink makeup bag which I can see myself keeping in my school bag. It came with 6 nail polishes in a mix of glitters, gellies, a silk and a matte, in the shades paprika, red black, forest, miami, jingle bells and rockstar - what else would you expect from Barry M?
 I got a couple of shimmery eyeshadows, one a gold and one a silver, in the shades 9 and 10, a couple of lipglosses (without shade names), and a couple of eyeliners. One is a metallic silver liquid, and the other a metallic lime kohl.

I completed my W7 12 shadow palette collection after buying into their goody bag of 3 palettes for £10 deal, rather than £10 each. At what was essentially buy one get two free, I COULD NOT RESIST. I bought In The Buff, In The Nude and Up In Smoke, and I'm thrilled with them.
Also at the W7 counter, offering a 5 for £10 on their smaller products, so my friend and I split it, and I bought the Light Diffusing concealer, a twist up product following the YSL Touche Eclat craze, and the Argan Eyes mascara. I haven't used this in tomorrow's post, so I thought I would quickly mention that I LOVE this mascara. I wasn't sure how well it would work, but I was intrigued by the idea of it being infused with argan oil for 'healthier looking lashes'. I've not been using this mascara for long enough to see if that claim is true, but I am SO impressed with the results. It really lengthens, blackens and fans out my lashes; I will be repurchasing when this runs out.

After the catwalk show itself, I bought the Mistletoe Mischief goody bag from Rimmel for £10, which held a mix of full size products, and samples. Firstly, I got the 24hr Super Curler mascara - I reviewed this mascara in tomorrow's post, so look out for that tomorrow.
I also received in the goody bag the red nose day limited edition Rimmel Kate lipstick in 01 red nose red. I've never really worn red lipstick; it's quite an adventurous colour for me, but maybe I'll experiment and use it in a post. A favourite of mine is the Natural Bronzer in the shade 025 sun glow, it's absolutely brilliant.
The first mini is 8ml of the Matte BB Cream in light, and so far so good! Another sample I got in the package is 1.5ml of both the Lasting Finish primer and the Lasting Finish foundation in 100 ivory. I love receiving samples and minis as it's a great way to try a product and see if you like it before spending the money on a whim.
There's a real variety of products in this goody bag; I also got a Rita Ora nail polish in 400 tangerine tent, which will be perfect for the summer, and the Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in medium matte. I'm not sure if I will use this; I've never fake tanned and not in a hurry to change my pale skin, but maybe I'll try it out sometime.

It can be difficult to make 'listy' posts flow, but all the same, I hope you all enjoyed a nosy into what I bought at the Clothes Show! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my true first impressions of the products



  1. These products sound so good! I wish I lived closer to the clothes show, I've heard so many good things about it!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It's good fun, definitely worth the journey! xx


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