Monday 7 December 2015

Quick & Easy Festive Treats // Collab With Emsi Rose

As I mentioned yesterday, this post is a collaboration with the lovely Emsi Rose - to read her yummy baking post, click HERE. 

I've got three different simple treats (Melting Snowmen, Chocolate Reindeer and Santa Stuck Up The Chimney) that are perfect for making during the festive season. None of them may have turned out like the pictures on Pinterest, but you can definitely tell they're home-made!

1. To make the melting snowmen, you will need 

  • circular rich tea biscuits (don't go for digestives as they're quite soft)
  • a lot of marshmallows, preferably white  (I used pink, white and yellow melted together, but ideally you're after the colour of snow)
  • whatever you want to use for features, like jelly beans, melted chocolate, strawberry laces etc 

  • first of all, melt a generous amount of marshmallows in the microwave
  • whilst they are melting, lay out your rich tea biscuits on a tray
  • once the marshmallows are smooth (not runny, you want them to still be sticky, like marshmallow fluff), spoon a spoonful of the mixture on to the middle of the biscuit
  • take a whole un-melted marshmallow and stick it to the edge of the 'fluff'. This will be the remaining head of the melting snowman
  • briefly microwave the biscuit for just enough time to allow the marshmallow to slightly meld with the goo. It will also make the goo become less 'ball of goo', more 'melting goo'
  • add an orange sweet (jelly bean, smartie) for the nose, and then I used melted chocolate on the end of a fork to make facial features
  • once it's all set, you can eat it!

2.  To make the chocolate reindeer, you will need

  • a lot of chocolate
  • matchmakers (a better option than chocolate fingers)
  • again, whatever you would like to use for facial features. I would recommend jelly beans, smarties, strawberry laces or millions. I also bought glace cherries, but didn't actually use them

  • melt down all the chocolate in your house so you can make as many reindeer as possible
  • spoon out a dollop of chocolate onto a baking sheet on a tray, and make it a circular shape
  • place on a red nose and a mouth with the sweets of your choice
  • stick on reindeer antlers (matchmakers, chocolate fingers or whatever you would like to use)
  • place the baking tray in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set - this really won't take long
  • mine didn't really look like reindeer in the end, but hey ho - peel away the baking paper, and enjoy!

3. To make the santa stuck in the chimneys, you will need

  •  mini chocolate chip muffins
  • white chocolate OR butter & icing sugar to make buttercream
  • strawberries 

  • wash and prepare your strawberries by cutting off the green tops
  • melt down white chocolate and spread it thickly on the round top of each muffin for the snow-topped chimney. It will also act as a glue
  • alternatively, blend butter and icing sugar together to make buttercream, and use it for the same purpose
  • stick the chopped strawberries on top of the chocolate/buttercream, and there you have it
  • these are definitely my favourite, and so simple!
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know in the comments if you're excited for Christmas




  1. These are the cutest things ever! Thank you for collaborating xo

    1. Thankyou for inviting me to collab! Would you be able to send me the link to your side of the collab as I can't seem to find it xx


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