Sunday 18 January 2015

Day Trip To London

Just before new year, I went on a trip to London with my family for the day.
   We caught the train in the morning to Kings Cross and then took the tube to the Tower of London. Before arriving at the tower, we spotted the Gherkin, Shard and a few other landmarks. 
   Once in the Tower of London, we explored the grounds where we saw the famous Ravens and had a photo with one of the beefeaters. We walked through some of the towers and wandered around the battlements, which gave us a great view of London. Oh and I can't forget the cafe - there were some good sandwiches and brownies there!

After spending several hours at the Tower, we took the river bus to Tate Modern, an amazing art gallery full of modern arts. There were so many amazing pieces there, I loved it!

After visiting Tate Modern, we crossed the Millennium Bridge over the murky Thames, surrounded by lights and illuminations across the city. We made our way over to St Paul's Cathedral which was surrounded with trees and lights for the festive season.

Till next Sunday,

Rosie x

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