Wednesday 7 January 2015

New Year - Blogging Aims for 2015

Hey guys!

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So it's that time of the year when everyone is setting New Years resolutions and planning to stick to them.
I have had my blog for just over four months now, but I think that I can make these coming months so much better; there's definitely stuff I would change about the previous ones. 
   I have come up with some blog aims for 2015 that I feel will make this little space so much better, and I am really excited about this coming year. 

1• my first goal has to be to actually come up with a blogging schedule and stick to it! I am irritated by my own haphazardly timed uploads, which I know seems silly as I have a life outside of blogging where I do get busy, but at the same time I don't want to seem unreliable. I am serious about blogging and want others to know that too. 
   I was thinking that I could try to upload a new blogpost on Sundays as that would give me an entire week to plan and a weekend to write and take photos etc. 
   Sometimes I will get snowed down with homework, or be spending time with family and friends, so if a post is late or missed entirely, that's still ok.

2• I also plan to bring more variety to my posts. My blog is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, but right now I feel that the lifestyle side has been neglected slightly. This year I want to blog about day trips, share creative DIYs, recipes and more. I will do my usual beauty and fashion also, but I think having more variety will make my blog so much more interesting to read. 

3• my third goal is easier said than done, and that is to double the amount of followers I have now. I feel it is achievable, but if you're reading this and like what you read, please follow!

4• I think that at some point this year I will invest in a custom blog design, where basically you can pay to have someone redesign your blog or you can pick out a pre-designed template. I have seen many blogs that have this, and I always think they look very professional and appealing and I have spent so long trying to get mine to work with the layout and template tabs on blogger. 
   I know there are many websites offering this service and I have already seen a few I like.

5• next is something that I feel I have been quite lazy with and that has to be answering my comments asap. I have currently answered all comments on my different posts, but sometimes it is a week later and I don't want that sense of unreliability again. Everyone likes a fast reply!

6• you may have seen in my What I Got For Christmas blogpost that I got a camera, which I am now using to take photos for my blog. I am going to try and learn how to use my camera really well to make my photos much better and enjoyable to look at, because good photos look much more appealing than not so good. 

7• last but not least is just to be satisfied with my blog: its content in both writing and photography areas, appearance and variety of topics. Not that I'm dissatisfied with it at the moment, but I just feel like there are positive changes that can be made, and this is the year to do it.

You can expect a lot more of me in the future. As of today I will try my best to bring more variety to my posts, better photography, quick replies to comments, hopefully a Sunday schedule and just be a better blogger in general. 

I hope you agree with my new blogging resolutions and are looking forward to this year's posts. Please follow!

Rosie x

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