Sunday 11 January 2015

Small January Beauty Haul and Reviews


It's just been Christmas and the deals are out, so I went to town with a friend (blogsbybekahh) last week and we got a couple of bits each.
I have four things to show today, so I thought I would do a mini review for each product too :)

One of the things I bought was a new foundation as my old Collection one was a bit dark for me and my Garnier BB Cream is almost gone. I went to the Rimmel counter as they have a good selection of good foundations and I picked up the Match Perfection for £6.99. I bought it in the second shade, Ivory, and it's perfect for me. 
So far I have been really impressed - I'd say it's a medium coverage foundation as it covers redness on my cheeks quite well but at the same it gives a really natural finish; you can't really tell you're wearing it. 
It's a fairly runny consistency so it's easy to blend and build and is quite light on the skin. When I wear it, it doesn't feel heavy and horrible. 
It also has a really nice scent - I think it's maybe slightly fruity, and the staying power is good. I powder with the Rimmel  Stay Matte and it lasts all day. 
Love this product!

To go with my foundation I bought a new concealer as my old one ran out about a month ago and I kept forgetting to repurchase. I bought my second bottle of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer at £4.19.
I buy it in shade 1, Fair, as having your concealer a shade lighter than your foundation works well for brightening and highlighting purposes. 
I would highly recommend this product if you're looking for a long-lasting, fairly high coverage concealer to cover under eye bags or hide blemishes and spots. 
It's unscented and a thick, creamy consistency making it slightly more difficult to blend but it's still easy to do. I use a sponge for my concealer and I really like the results it gives. 

The next product is by far my favourite thing I bought - the Soap & Glory Archery, which is a pen and wax tint for your brows. I had been thinking about getting it for a while but I knew it was £10 and a lot of money to go on one product that I had never tried before, despite the fact that all the reviews say it's an excellent product. Me and Bekah both gave in, but it was on buy one get one half price so we got them for £7.50 each! 
I am so glad we did because it's one of the best makeup products I have ever bought. I got mine in the shade Love Is Blonde. It can be so difficult finding a good brow colour being blonde because you need a good ashy colour; light brown just looks wrong and unnatural. 
Love Is Blonde is perfect, a grey tinted ashy brown. I use the felt tip point to fill in the sparse areas and define, and then the wax to shape and keep in place. It's so easy to use and gives you perfectly natural, long-lasting brows. I can't recommend this product enough and it will most likely be a repurchase.

The last thing I bought was my first nude lipstick. It was £1 from MUA and I bought it in shade 14, Bare. It's a peachy-brown toned colour and looks lovely when wearing a darker eye look, and I have been wearing it a lot lately. The formula is really creamy and so it glides on to the lips a dream. 
It looks patchy over dry lips, so you have to moisturise your lips before hand, or sometimes if it looks slightly too pale I will add a fairly neutral 'your lips but better' kind of colour underneath. I pat my lips with a finger just to smooth the colours together, and it's totally fine. 
It will also need a touch up or two during the day, but you can't really complain for £1!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my most recent purchases and my opinions on them. 
Come back next Sunday for an entry on my recent trip to London,

Rosie x

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