Sunday 22 March 2015

5 Under 5 Minute Hairstyles

I've had a very busy week, so there was unfortunately no post on Wednesday, but I am back with 5 hairstyle tutorials that are super simple but have an awesome end result - you'll look like you've spent so much more time on your hair than you actually have!

So to begin with I thought I'd just tell you a bit about my hair, as all these styles will look different on all different types of hair: mine is naturally light blonde and almost dead straight. It's also very fine, which means it can be quite flat to my head, slippery and not hold a curl or crimp for much more than a few hours and the fact that is very long also weighs it down which doesn't help for making styles last, but I have been trying to find some ways around that.
One of them is I have recently begun to wash my hair every three nights instead of every other, partly because it just takes so long to wash, and partly so that I will have 2 days of hair with more grip, as the day after I wash it, it's always too difficult to style, let alone make it last.

I would really recommend Primark's hair brushes; for about £1-£2 they are excellent quality and make my hair really soft. I also think that the L'Oreal Elvive Detangling spray is really great for reducing knots after washing, or perfect for some extra glossiness during the day.

So today I am styling with third day hair, just for ultimate grip and added volume. To solve any oily problems, I blasted my head with Batiste's dry shampoo in Eden to refresh my hair and give it a cleaner feel, yet still leaving it with texture and body. 
I then spritzed and massaged into my roots the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, just to help lift my hair, and all these styles look best with maximum volume at the roots. I love this stuff!

Most days I will leave it at that because I am very lazy. That habit is coming to an end, hence this post, but this will be my hair done in literally 30 seconds - having textured, 'on-purposely-messy' hair never goes out of style, right? 

Or if I have an extra minute, I will scoop up the top section of my hair and backcomb the roots, then pull it into a half up-half down pony tail. Then I like to loosen the hair in the pony tail and just adjust it so it looks casual and not too perfectly done. I frame my face by pulling away strands of wispy hair around my forehead, and then finish by spritzing all over with hairspray, I just have Superdrug's Ultra Firm Hold.
For an extra twist, plaiting a small section of the hair you left down and tying it with a clear elastic looks really pretty, and I think it has quite a boho feel.
I am definitely going to start doing this look more often!

Alternatively, you can take the half-up pony tail and twist it around your finger and then around itself to make a little bun, which you can loosely fasten with grips and hairspray. This style has been very on trend lately; I think it looks really cute.

Instead of only pulling up half your hair, you can pull all of it into a high, messy pony. Tug at the roots to loosen it and give it a messier vibe, and again, pull strands from the pony to frame your face. I have been doing this a lot lately as it only takes a minute!


This last style takes me the longest at about 5 minutes, simply because I have a lot of hair to work with. Plaits are making a huge comeback this season; I think they look amazing! Lately, I have really been liking creating two dutch braids.
To start, you must divide up your parting all the way down your head, and then I would tie up one half just to stop any strands crossing over as I have frequently done that before, not being able to see the back of my head!
Take a small section of hair at the top of one of your halves of hair (hopefully that made sense) and split it into three equal sections. Begin plaiting, picking up a small section of hair and adding it to the original piece each time you cross over each part of the plait. Then continue all the way down, and then just plait regularly once there is no more hair to add in. Then repeat!
I'm sorry; it's very difficult to explain - if you don't understand my explanation, I recommend watching a tutorial on youtube, because then you can see it happening on screen. If you find french braiding difficult at first, don't worry. Just practice on others or yourself and it will become easier :)
Also, this is very important: if you cross the hair UNDER as you plait, it will create a DUTCH braid, or INVERTED-FRENCH which means the plait will sit on top of your head, and if you cross the strands OVER it will make a FRENCH braid, and the plait will sort of be in your hair. It's also really important to keep tension in the braid, even if you want a looser finish, because the plaits will always slip a tiny bit, and you can easily go back and loosen them and pull away strands if you feel they are too tight. Plaits can easily get slightly mussed throughout the day too, so hairspray away!
This style can also be recreated using fishtails or rope braids instead of french or dutch, so have a play around :)

Let me know which style was your favourite or any questions you may have in the comments!
Are there any other hair related blogposts you'd like to see me do in the future?


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