Sunday 15 March 2015

Spring Has Sprung | Featuring Anglesey Abbey

For the most part, southerly England seems to be finally moving on from sub-zero mornings, icy wind and freezing rain. However, it's quite ironic that of all days to be writing this post, today is seeming to be quite a grey one, looking out the window.
Nevertheless, me and my family enjoyed a short trip to Anglesey Abbey for Mother's Day, where we saw many signs of spring emerging - as well as enjoying a delicious lunch in the cafe!

Not only do I love beautiful flowers popping up in spring, but I love the fact that the weather is warming up and the fresh, longer, sunny days are coming.
And the fashion! Pastel shades and light weight summery clothes are making an appearance along the highstreet, which I love.
It will soon be Easter time and full of baby lambs, daffodils (and a little bit of chocolate).
It won't be long until the summer arrives bringing trips to the beach and tasty icecreams...

What do you love about spring?


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