Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Perfect Pamper

A little me time to wind down and relax is what everyone needs every once in a while, and if I'm feeling in need of a pamper, these are some of the things I may do...

Once I have any coursework or homework done, I like to get comfy and turn on my laptop to watch a film, YouTube videos, or Netflix. Sometimes I will make myself a hot chocolate to go with it, or maybe squash or just water.
Featured in the photograph is water in my new favourite cup (the jar with the lid and straw) - it's very, very cute and makes me a whole lot more motivated to drink more fluids, as I am very lazy at drinking and don't tend to get thirsty.
To pamper my skin, there are a LOT of things I like to do, and one of them is to take a long, hot and bubbly bath and read a book. If I have any bath bombs or Lush bits and pieces, I like to pop one of them in for the ultimate relaxing soak.
Using 'The Scrub Of Your Life' by Soap & Glory, I will buff that onto my body to soften and remove any dry or dead areas, and then I will use my favourite body wash, 'Foam Call' from Soap & Glory to leave my skin feeling silky, refreshed, and smelling lovely.

It's also important to treat your face well - facial masks work wonders and so does the Garnier 'Micellar Cleansing Water'. I got this product halfway through February and I have used it everyday since. I use it with cotton pads to cleanse and remove my makeup, and it takes it off so easily without a lot of scrubbing and pulling at your face. 
To hydrate my dry skin, I LOVE using Simple's 'Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream' as it smoothes and softens my face so well. In addition, their 'Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm' is a very lovely, calming product that instantly cools down my eyes and makes them feel a whole lot more hydrated.

To moisturise my body, the Palmer's 'Cocoa Butter Formula' is heavenly - read more about it in my February Favourites - and I have recently discovered their lip balm which has become my new favourite as it is a-maz-ing. It's so much better than any Vaseline or chapstick; my lips don't feel tight, greasy, or dried out after moisturising.

I like to give my bedroom a relaxed feel, so I will turn off my main light leaving a lamp, fairy lights and a few little LED lights. Comfy pjs are also a necessity for a pamper evening - I love onesies, slipper socks and my paisley pyjama set from Long Tall Sally. At this point I then like to snuggle down and read more of my book, and try to have an earlier night...




  1. It's actually kinda weird because my Pamper nights are exactly the same, and I use all of these products too! I love pamper nights though, they're so calming and relaxing and I probably have them more than the average human x

    1. Yeah they're lovely products! Writing this blogpost has definitely made me want to have another one soon :) x

  2. Great post! This really makes me want to have a pamper night!

    p.s I've nominated you for an award on my blog!

    1. Thankyou :) and aw thanks, I will go have a look now xx

  3. Great tips! I love having a night in and a pamper. :)
    Alex //


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