Thursday 23 April 2015

Busy Time...

You may have noticed that I missed yesterday's upload, which I did have an entry on exams, stress and revision techniques planned, but unfortunately and ironically, I haven't had time to write it, because we are well into exam season. I am in my first year of GCSEs, and so in a fortnight, my month of mocks will begin.

I'm sorry that this isn't going to be an interesting post, but I felt the need to let you all know that for the next month or so, posts will be less consistent as I really do need to concentrate on my exams. I will write them when I can, but they won't be as regular. I will, however, still be posting very regularly on my instagram - which, thankyou for 400 followers by the way! - so if you would like to follow me on there, my username is @rosalynwrites.

I hope you all understand that although blogging is a strong passion of mine, my exams have to take priority. Once they're all over, everything will go back to normal, probably around late June.



  1. Thank you for letting us know, congrats on 400, I love your feed! Good Luck with your Mocks, I finished them today and I'm sure you'll do fine.

    1. It's no problem, I didn't want people to think I'd quit! And thankyou, I love your feed too :) you're lucky to have finished your mocks already! Thankyou xxx

  2. Your blog is literal goals X


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