Sunday 19 April 2015

Collective Haul: Clothing, Holiday & Random

some of the bits and pieces
In preparation for the spring time, and also my holiday to Malta a week or two ago now (look out for a future post on that!), I bought a few clothing items that were missing from my wardrobe.
Over these few months, I have accumulated a few bits and pieces - not just clothes - from shoes to a dish, from a cup to jeans. This is a long one; grab some food and get comfy!

Jeans - Topshop, Tshirt - Primark
My favourite pair of jeggings from New Look Tall went through at the knees, and so I replaced them with a pair of Topshop Tall's Joni style jeans (which are jegging material). These jeans are high-waisted and super comfortable; I love them!

Jeans - Next, Tshirt - New Look
White jeans are going to be big this year after being really popular in 2014, and I personally love how they look, and that they instantly give a lighter, more summery look to an outfit - casual or smart. They were out of stock in my size in the Joni style, so instead I found a pair of almost identical ones from Next Tall. I'm not a fan of actual 'jean' material jeans, (you know what I mean?), as they are much stiffer and not as tight fitting; I prefer stretchy jegging material (and practically live in them), and so I bought white ones in the 'Lift, Slim & Shape' style; not for those properties, but for the stretchy and elasticated style. They are so, so nice! Very happy with them :)
However, they do have loads of more rigid jean style ones if that is what you're into.

My new drinking jar has made a couple of appearances already - these mason jar variations are really current and cute. I can't wait to blog smoothie recipes and refreshing, hydrating juices as summer approaches!

Also for my holiday, I purchased a Selfy Stick from Amazon. Yes, I know, a Selfy Stick. Talking about it makes me cringe a tad, but it is a seriously good invention; everyone can fit in those group selfies now! I had more in mind, though, being that I would take it to Malta so me and my family could all fit in a photo together with a gorgeous Maltese view in the background. We got a couple of shots! They also improve your panoramas a ton, and there were plenty of opportunities in Malta as the views were insane.

March was a month of being torn in deciding what to wear on my feet; my mum bought me three new pairs of shoes.

One was a pair of Puma Suedes, which I have gone head over heels for... They are so cushioned inside and look perfect with almost all outfits.

My favourite pair were featured in my last post, which are nude skater shoes from Next that are absolutely b e a u t i f u l. I can't express my love for them ahhhh.

Lastly, from Next I got some gladiator thong sandals in tan. They go all the way up to my ankles, and so when wearing jeans I just turn up the bottoms into that cropped 7/8ths style that is really trendy right now. They look so good and I can't wait to wear them more!

Just before my holiday, I bought MUA's highlighter in pink shimmer, as I really want to start using a highlighter in my makeup for the future months. I've got more information about this product in my Spring Staples and Natural Spring Makeup.
 In the airport, I also bought a new Archery - shocker - as my other completely ran out.

My last clothing item to share with you today is an over-sized and ribbed khaki/military green top from Newlook, of that springy, elasticated material. I had to go to school in camo for a comic relief dress up day, and so I paired this top with camo leggings, boots and an army jacket. It was a weird theme. However, I really, really love this top and have worn it tons since. Most of my tops are round necks, and so I love the fact that it's a V, something different that I like a lot.

And because some of the things are a bit random, like my Selfy Stick and jar, I thought I'd just finish by adding in a couple of the souvenir/trinket things I purchased from a craft village in Malta.

I bought a very lovely little glass dish - there were loads all over the island - that I am going to place my daily jewellery in when its not being worn, and then a small bag of scented, bar-of-soap textured chunks that give off a heavenly waft of lemon and citrus. I keep it in my wardrobe to lightly scent my clothes.

That's all I've been haulin' recently, what about you?



  1. Great post! I recently bought a mason jar drinking glass from Waitrose its the cutest thing ever and servel smoothies have already been drank from it! haha

  2. Thank you! You've made me really wanna go make a smoothie ahhh xxxx

  3. Really enjoyed this post! You got some really nice things, especially the skater shoes - they are gorgeous!x

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :) and I know, I love the skaters! Xx


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