Wednesday 15 April 2015

Spring Staples | Fashion &Beauty

As we make the transition to spring, our wardrobes and needs for the switch in weather change. An absolute spring/summer staple for me are my pair of (currently a bit grubby) white low-top Converse. What I love about white converse is that they are classic and will never go out of style. Converse are some of the only shoes that I have found don't require breaking in - you can just wear them and they don't give blisters or rub, in my experience anyway. They match everything, perfect with jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts... They are an absolute essential for me in the spring time.

Sticking with fashion, my next necessity are sunglasses. Not only do sunnies add an extra something to an outfit, but you just NEED them when protecting your eyes from the blinding sun so you don't have to constantly squint. I have a pair from Boots with purpley lenses and gold rims that I love!

About a week ago I purchased the Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter from MUA for £3, after hearing youtuber Becca Rose mention and praise it several times in various favourites videos and makeup tutorials. I have blogged about MUA on several occasions recently; the majority of my makeup isn't from there but for a cheap eyeliner or lipstick the quality really isn't bad, and perfect for those on a budget. 
Anyway, I really love this highlighter! I bought 'pink shimmer' - rather than 'iridescent gold' as it suits my skin tone better - and with a blush brush, I just dust it lightly over my face. I apply it to the places where the sun would naturally hit (like cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, the cupid's bow etc) for that light and natural glow, perfect for spring.

Pastel is one of the biggest trends in spring; if you are into nail painting, I would recommend polishes in pretty pinks and nudes, sky blue, mint, violet, you know what I mean. Inject some pretty spring colours into your outfit, even if it is only on your nails!

Sticking with pastel and nudes, I came across a beautiful pair of shoes online from Next and immediately fell in love. They are that plimsoll kinda style, 'skater' I think it is. I have seen many wearing the black croc ones from Topshop. Next did do these in black but I felt a pink/brown nude was much more fun and seasonal. Having size 9 feet also really limits where you can buy shoes, so I was thrilled to find these and that they fit well. They have a 1 inch platform which I really don't need as I am tall enough at 6ft already, however the platform does mean they have a really cushioned, squidgy bottom for your feet that makes them really comfy. I already know I will be wearing these TONS this spring.

My last staple isn't necessarily spring only - it's my precious Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay that I got for my birthday last October. I basically do wear this all year round as the colours are so versatile; the darker, purpley shades at the right end are perfect for A/W, whilst the light and pinky shadows on the left half are beautiful by themselves for this time of the year. I love this palette soooo much, and can't wait to create fresh and subtle eye looks in the coming months.

What are your essentials for this time of year?



  1. Can't go wrong with Converse, they're so versatile! Lovely post :) xx


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