Wednesday 1 April 2015

BWW | March's Most Hooking Reads

Ironically, 'Girl, Missing' is currently being borrowed so I couldn't photograph it :(

One of my favourite trilogies of all time has to be the 'Missing' series by Sophie McKenzie, with books 'Girl, Missing', 'Sister, Missing' and 'Missing Me'. These books are so gripping, it's almost impossible to stop reading!

'Girl, Missing' follows the story of teenager Lauren, who has grown up not knowing much about her past, other than the fact that she was adopted during her years as a toddler. After stumbling across a missing persons website and finding a face so similar to hers, Lauren comes to realise that she may have been kidnapped when she was only three years old from a family on the other side of the world.
Taking it upon herself to uncover the truth seems like the only option, and so she runs away to America with her best friend Jam, not realising that the situation is far greater and dangerous than she ever could have imagined, and her abductors are willing to go to great lengths to stop the truth from escaping.
I have read this novel of love, loss and revealing your true identity many times over, and I would seriously recommend you give it a go!

'Sister, Missing' opens two years later after the events of 'Girl, Missing', with Lauren planning a trip to the beach with her little sister Madison. For two years, Lauren and her family have lived without a black-mailing text, a threatening call, or any sign that her kidnappers are at large again.
In a matter of minutes, old troubles resurface and the sense of normality almost regained is suddenly torn away as history seems to be repeating itself again...

The final installment of this astounding trilogy has saved the best till last; 'Missing Me' is definitely my favourite of the three!
The first two are told through the eyes of Lauren, but this one is a little different and is told through the eyes of now a teenager Madison. After overhearing that her birth father was in fact a sperm donor, she is desperate to meet him, despite her family begging her not to.
Madison is soon swept up in a dangerous world of disappearing girls, circus parties and surrogacy, where the lives of those she loves are placed in her hands, literally.

Your bookshelf is incomplete without these books; if you haven't read them, you are seriously missing out on the excitement!




  1. This is one of my favourite book series of all time and I read them all around 3 years ago! I've been meaning to do a blog post and re read them all again.
    I was so excited when this post came up :) Thank you

    1. I have re-read them over and over, I love them! I'm glad you enjoyed, thankyou :) xx


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