Wednesday 26 August 2015

BTS | Natural & Affordable 'No Makeup' Tutorial

Wearing makeup to school makes many feel more at ease and confident whilst with their peers, but I know there are quite a few schools out there that ban the wearing of makeup, or insist it to be as unnoticeable as possible. Because of that, I have come up with a look that is natural and not heavy at all, with minimal eyes and a light base. I'm sure it will either comply with or slightly bend any strict rules - or just make your mornings less hectic as there are much fewer steps!

I skipped primer for speedy reasons, but some mornings I will apply it if I have more time, or if I have PE that day... But anyway, I applied a concealer to my under eyes (I used the Eraser Eye by Maybelline). People won't be able to tell if you're wearing concealer, you'll just be much more bright eyed than normal. Teachers will thank you for it!
You can leave it there, or apply something like a BB cream or light foundation, but it's completely up to you and what you're comfortable in. I have redness on my cheeks, and so I always prefer to; for this look I have gone with the Garnier BB cream. I powdered with Stay Matte to keep everything in place throughout the day.
A recent purchase of mine has been the W7 'The Cheeky Trio' palette, including a blush, bronzer/contour powder (it depends on your skin tone as to what you use it for) and a highlight, and it plays a very important part in this tutorial. W7 is a great dupe for Urban Decay! They have lots of similar paettes for cheaper prices. I finished off my face with a dab of the blush, nothing too intense, just a touch to give me some colour. When going for minimal makeup looks, blush is your best friend for making you looking alive and healthy, and it's not obvious you're wearing it either. I would, however, steer clear from bronzing or contouring, as that can look a lot less natural.

Onto eyes! Using the W7 palette again, I used the bronzer/contour in my socket for warmth and depth, and a light dusting of the blush on my lids. The highlight I applied to my tear duct, and then I lined my waterline with a white eyeliner from MUA to brighten my eyes.
I finished them with a bit of mascara to my top lashes, and here's where I have sliiiightly cheated. I used Rollerlash by Benefit, and I have the mini which was £4 in Elle and so very affordable, although I'm well aware the full size isn't so. If you don't have the mini and don't want to fork out on the full size, I'd advise you go for Maybelline's Lash Sensational; I don't own it myself, although many say it's results are the same as that of Rollerlash. I left my lower lashes bare.

I filled in my brows a bit less than I normally would; not as defined or arched as it would simply be too strong with the rest of the makeup.

To complete my makeup, I used the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 03. It's a light pinky nude that compliments the eyes really well, aaaand... finished!

I hope you like this fuss-free look as much as I do


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