Wednesday 19 August 2015

Grey Is Taking Over | Interiors

Grey is taking over. To have 'granny chic' grey hair is fast becoming a popular choice of colour, and just about everyone and their mother owns a basic grey marl tee - sometimes two for when the other one's, you know, in the wash. But it doesn't end there. Grey - and greige in particular - are now taking the world of interiors by storm. Colour schemes are now more neutral with light nudes, creams, greys and stone colours. When rounded up together you have GREIGE. 

I mentioned in my July Favourites that I had had new things in my bedroom, one of them being a desk. I am now completely happy with the set up I have on my desk and windowsill; it's all done, so I thought I'd show you snippets. (I would like to do a full room tour in the future, and maybe a desk tour, as I know those sorts of posts are quite highly requested).

You'll notice from the photos that I have a strong grey/white/metallic/glass theme to my desk top and windowsill - proper greige colours feature on my carpet and in my blind, but I don't have any photos of them today. On the left of my desk I have a white work lamp (funnily enough, when I first got this years ago, I used to think it was quite ugly, but now I think it's very attractive), and on that I have a little glass tealight holder containing rings. Next to that is a vintage white cup which I use to store my makeup brushes, and in the dish next to that I keep my everyday jewellery.
On the right of my desk, I keep a cactus candle which I will never burn, and a succulent in a grey pot, just to add some greenery, freshness and life. Next to that is a Yankee Candle votive in Garden Sweetpea, and an opaque box with gold frames in which I store a few hair grips, bobbles and a scrunchie for quick and easy access. The rest of my desk is completely clear to allow space for working; I just like having the simple decorations at either end.

On to my windowsill - the left hand side has a black digital photo frame, and next to that I have a jam jar with some fake white flowers. I have three windows in my room, and in front of the second right in the middle I have a blue dish, and on either side are two little white owl lights. The pop of blue amongst the neutral is so beautiful. Finally, on the right of my windowsill I have a silvery-grey candle holder and a candle inside, and a mirrored set of three drawers.

worklamp - B&Q I belive
glass tealight holder - I'm not sure but you can buy these anywhere
vintage cup - an antiques store in Wells, Norfolk
dish - Malta

grey plant pot - I'm not sure, I found it in our garage
candle - Yankee Candle
cactus candle - a shop in Freiburg, Germany
box - a charity shop in Holt, Norfolk

digital photo frame - kitvision
jar - just a strawberry jam jar, I think the make is Tiptree
fake flowers - a local discount store

white owl lights - M&S a few Christmases ago
blue dish - the same antiques place in Wells

square candle holder - I'm not sure, it's old
mirrored set of three drawers - it was a gift so I'm not sure on that either

curtains - Dunelm Herringbone Blackout Eyelet

I hope you liked this post; it's something a little different to what I normally do, but I love the way my desk and windowsill have turned out. Grey has to be one of my favourite colours - I'd love for this greige trend to continue for as long as possible!



  1. I love this post, your room looks amazing!!

    CharlotteSamantha //


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