Sunday 23 August 2015

BTS | Stationery Supplies Haul

Back to school season is here! The time of the year that everyone hates, yet strangely enough a time that everyone seems to love blogging/vlogging/reading/watching about. I don't want to think about the fact that school is looming and just two weeks away, but I really do want to share with you all what I have bought in preparation...

I bought all this just over a fortnight ago when Tesco had a huuuuge sale on; I got some great deals including this pack of 28 sharpies for £7, and it think they're normally about three times that price! Sharpies come in really handy when making revision cards and highlighting things to remember - and often I will just use them at home - or occasionally during my art class. 

I'm in my final year of studying for my GCSEs (so year 11), and so I got a 200 piece study pack that comes with sticky index tabs, arrows and notes. I use these to mark important pages and make notes on, or to colour code how confident I am with a topic. I don't remember the prices of everything, but these cant have been much more than £1. 

Sticking with the revision theme, the only un-Tesco item is these revision cards which I bought from a local stationery store. They did sell similar versions in Tesco, and despite the fact that Tesco's were cheaper (but smaller), I wanted the others as I already had some and so I wanted them to match. Weird, I know, but I like to be organised when revising and that means using the same cards, rather than a mixed bunch.

Moving on to basics - I picked up a 30cm ruler, a 10 pack of biros, a Pritt stick and some Tipp-Ex, both reduced.

I bought a desktop stationery set to keep at home. It was £4, and includes a roll of tape in the dispenser, a hole punch, stapler, de-stapler, and 1000 staples. Bargain! I picked up a 2 pack of large magnetic clips for £1, also to keep at home. They're really chunky and actually cool as decorative pieces, but I'll use them to stick up reminders, important notes, or... maybe just Polaroids.

I have tons of regular HB pencils at home, so a large box of them wasn't necessary. My siblings and I just shared a pack of mechanical pencils, and the same goes for rubbers. I have plenty of sharpeners, a working calculator and math set etc., so I didn't need anything like that.

Last but not least, I bought a corkboard. Kind of unrelated, but a corkboard is something I've been after for ages, and they had loads of cheap ones in Tesco, so I got that too!

That's everything! Watch this space


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