Wednesday 1 July 2015

10 Ways To Reduce Dark Under-Eye Circles

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For me, the end of school term is one of the busiest and most tiring times of the year; sometimes even my concealer struggles to beat my under-eye bags! So I decided to do some research - here's ten ways to reduce those puffy bags without the use of makeup, for that natural and awakened look and feeling:

Ok, so this may seem very obvious, but GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP!! So I'm probably not one to talk - an early night for me is way overdue - but lack of sleep definitely will increase dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, but I'm sure you probably know that. What you may not know, however, is that sleeping on your front will actually give you bigger bags. It's all down to gravity! Any liquids will pool underneath your eyes, and leave you with swollen eyes the next morning.

Another biggie: drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Again, I am guilty of drinking a single glass of water in one day, but I'm hoping this will remind me! Although, drinking right before you hit the hay will cause your eyes to swell with the all the liquids in your body, so try to drink the majority of your fluids during the daytime.

Before you sleep, make sure you remove your makeup so as not to clog up your skin. You have to let it breathe whilst you're asleep. If you can, make the effort to moisturise and apply a cooling eye-cream both first and last thing in the day. This will soften and soothe your eyes, as well as reducing wrinkles and sagging.

Cool compresses will also soothe your eyes and reduce dark circles. Examples of this would be to apply cold metal spoons under your eyes, or ice packs. This will immediately reduce swelling.

Placing cucumber slices on your lids, or ripe avocado underneath will also improve them.

Talking of food, eat healthily. Lots of antioxidants, especially fruit like blueberries and leafy, green vegetables will improve the condition of your puffy eyes, as will vitamins. 

On the other hand, cut back on the amount of salt you intake!

Now, I know you're tired, but rubbing your eyes will only cause them to swell. Remember, the skin under your eyes is the most delicate, so try not to tug and tease it too much.

Another way to preserve the skin for longer is to wear dark, good quality sunglasses in the summer time to protect your skin from melanin changes by the sun. The sun is damaging, and the more you protect your eyes, the younger your skin will stay for longer.

Last but not least, try to relax more. Stress and anxiety wears you down, and does nothing for the bags under your eyes.

Follow my simple tips and you'll have bagged yourself some bright eyes in no time!


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