Wednesday 29 July 2015

July Favourites

How has July come to an end already?! Time honestly feels like it's flying at the moment; I can't believe summer is here already, it still feels like May. My six weeks of no school has arrived, and actually, as you're reading this, I'm on holiday in Norfolk as this post is pre-written and scheduled.

My first favourite is a shower gel from Lush. I am ashamed to say that it's from the Christmas range;  I can be quite bad when it comes to saving products. Anyway, I knew I loved it, and so I decided to just use it - Lush is always better when used fresh. The shower gel is from the So White range, which has a gorgeous apple scent, and whenever I use it, it leaves such a fresh and lovely smell lingering in the bathroom. The product is creamy and iridescent; it's so luxuriant, lathering up into so much bubble.

I potted a new plant to go in my room the other week! It's a succulent and looks so attractive sitting there on my desk. The pot also goes with the colour theme I have tried to create on my desk of a silver/grey/metal/glass, as I have new curtains which are grey.

Talking of new curtains, I have recently had a lot of new things in my room which are definite favourites this month: a new desk, chest of drawers, chair and light shade. I'm not finished as I'd still like to paint the walls, and change some of the furniture (I'm going from wood to white), but I was thinking of maybe doing some posts about that in the future, maybe featuring bits and bobs of the changes I've made, or a full on room tour.

My fourth favourite featured in my Summer Makeup blogpost, and is the 24hr Colour Tattoo by Maybelline in Vintage Plum. It's eyeshadow of a creamy formula, and this one in particular is a leather effect. I'm not sure what the leather effect means, although I have noticed that it doesn't apply as evenly as On And On Bronze. It feels dryer, so I'm not sure if it's meant to be a matte shadow. But none of that matters! It's a beautiful lilac shade that I feel can be used all year round when blended with the right products; in summer I like to blend a warm golden colour into my crease, and for that I lately have been using Trick from Urban Decay.

Last Wednesday's post featured a new set of brushes. Now, I do love all of them, but in particular the buffing brush. It's made such a massive difference to the finished result of my foundation. I'm not going to ramble now as I've already done an entire post featuring the Core Collection, so go and have read of that for more details.

I've got a fashion favourite now, and that's crop tops. The weather is warming up slightly in England, and so the summery tops have come into play. I think they look super cute with high waisted jeans; you see just a little bit of midriff peeping out. I love the ribbed ones from New Look, especially, and I have worn them tons lately.

My final favourite is a concealer, the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eye Eraser. It's so so good at covering blemishes and under eye circles, and has replaced completely my love of Lasting Perfection by Collection. One of the things I love about it is the spongy applicator. It's like a pom pom ball where the liquid seeps out, and it kind of massages the product in as you apply. I'd highly recommend it!

What would you recommend this month?



  1. I love your blog so much!!! Might have to go make a cheeky purchase and get that concealer now😉xxx


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