Sunday 19 July 2015

Journey Essentials | Road Trip/Holiday Travels

This summer, me and my family are driving to Norfolk for a holiday, and then two weeks later, to Wales. There are certain things that I just have to always take with me (except from my suitcase holding clothes, washbag and makeup etc).

My first essential would of course be a big bag! Then I can start packing:

It's important for me to have something to read on a super long journey, to help the time pass. I like to read a good book, but if that's not really what you're into, you could take magazines, or even a book of puzzles and games, or a Wreck This Journal which has little unique activities on each page.

On the other hand, you could take a Kindle which gives you not only the benefit of reading, but the benefit of games to play. I don't have a Kindle, but my phone comes with me everywhere, and I always make sure I have some good apps to play, and plenty of saved internet data. That then also means that as long as I have earphones, I have music too, which is a must for me.

Because journeys can be sooo long, the majority of the time I will end up running down my phone battery, and so I always make sure I'm prepared with my portable charger.

Sometimes I take my camera with me, or just use the camera on my phone. I love taking photos, and will never miss an opportunity to capture the amazing scenery we pass, or just to photograph and remember the experience.

Snacks and plenty of water are a definite necessity for long car journeys for obvious reasons; you have to stay hydrated (and are at more risk in the summer time) and you never know when hunger will strike!

You have to wear comfy clothes for long trips - one of the worst feelings is when you're in really uncomfortable jeans that are digging in the crook of your knee, or a top that just makes you feel suffocated. I like to wear jeans that are of jegging material, leggings or soft shorts. It's usually leggings or shorts. I pair them with a slouchy tshirt and hoodie if its cold, and a comfy pair of slip ons or trainers.

Lip balm is something I have have have to take with me on a journey; another awful feeling is stinging, cracked lips and no balm to hand. Palmer's cocoa butter formula goes with me everywhere.
I also like to carry hand sanitiser - germs are all around, and you're going to want to have clean hands before you tuck into your snacks!
My penultimate essential is a pair of sunglasses. Sometimes, the sun's glare is so strong through the window that you just need sunglasses. You just do.

Finally, I like to take a scrunchie with me, as that way, I can chose to scrape my hair off my face if it starts to itch or stick to my neck if it's a hot day, or if it simply gets in the way (hopefully some of you know the feeling I'm on about!)

Are you going anywhere this summer? Let me know your essentials in the comments



  1. I totally agree with your essential, great post. I'm going to Germany and Holland this year... exciting! I went to Norfolk last year and there were some INCREDIBLE photo opportunities, enjoy! :)

    1. Whereabouts in Germany are you going? I love it there! X


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