Sunday 26 July 2015

Summer Makeup | Lilac & Gold

The look I am about to blog now is one I have been wearing pretty consistently lately. It's not a quick, hassle-free one; there are quite a lot of steps involved, but I do love it. It focuses strongly on dramatic eyes of a muted lilac, blended with a beautiful pinky gold, which deepens into the outer parts of the crease.

To start my makeup, I conceal my under eye circles (and also my lids for an even eyeshadow base) using the Instant Anti-Age Eye Eraser by Maybelline. This product has definitely been one of my favourites this month; I find to be so much more effective in doing its job than any other concealer I have previously tried.
For foundation I am using Rimmel's Match Perfection for a decent but light and natural coverage that evens my skin tone and hides redness. I also like to dab a couple of spots of the Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection under my eyes, purely for highlighting and brightening purposes rather than to conceal.
I use only a light amount of powder, simply to stop my face from feeling sticky, and to set under my eyes. As usual, I use Stay Matte by Rimmel.

The first step in my brow routine is to comb through and shape them with a clear gel,and then leave that to set whilst I do my eyes.

My favourite part of makeup is always the eyes - shadow particularly. I feel that without eyeshadow, no look is complete. To begin with, I apply one of Maybelline's 24hr Colour Tattoos, which are creamy shadows, in the colour Vintage Plum, which is more of a muted, grey-toned lilac than a plum. It may sound unseasonal using purple, but I promise you, the colours I add later will add so much warmth and summer to the eyes. It's a gorgeous look that isn't just your regular bronze eye.
I apply the creamy product over the entirety of my lid and no higher; it can't go above the socket or there may be a risk of the cream transferring.
With a fluffy brush, I blend the product out to eliminate lines. 
Here comes the warmth: I sweep Urban Decay's Trick into the whole of my crease so it surrounds the purple, and also onto my lower lash line. I really love applying shadows to my lower lash line, as it makes the eyes so much more dramatic.
You know the drill, blend.
Next, I use the tiniest amount of Factory by Urban Decay in my outer corners to deepen the look. Blend.

I line my eyes with a brown eyeliner from No7, and then add lots of mascara: Sumptuous Extreme by Estee Lauder to my top lashes, and Maybelline's Great Lash to my bottom lashes. Then I quickly finish my brows with Soap & Glory's Archery, of course.

A recent purchase of mine is the Master Sculpt by Maybelline after hearing so many great things about it. I have been eager to try contouring for a long time now, but there are so little products in Boots that are good for pale people as many are way too warm toned.
I am very new to using contour products, but even so, I will use the tiniest amount under my cheekbones and around my temples to shape my face. Contouring is one of those things you have to start small with; if you've never done it before it can be quite daunting, not like highlighting when you can kinda just go for it. Talking of highlighting, I use the highlight from the Master Sculpt across my cheekbones, under my brows... you know the places.

I finish of the makeup with a neutral lip, a lipstick by Kate Moss for Rimmel in the colour 03, which is a beautiful pinky nude. This colour is perfect, as it's pretty, yet doesn't draw attention from the eyes, which are certainly the feature.

Look out for my next post coming on Wednesday


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